VH1 spin offs spin out of control with “I Love New York”

Tiffany “New York” Pollard is back on VH1Those of you who could actually get through an episode of Flavor of Love without puking will be pleased to hear that everyone’s favorite Head-Bitch-In-Charge is back with her very own reality dating show. That’s right, New York (real name Tiffany Pollard), the psychotic diva from both seasons one and two of Flavor of Love is back on VH1 and looking for love once again. Her new series, I Love New York, puts her in a house with 20 single guys who compete for her affection.

I have to say, you’d think that being totally rejected by Flavor Flav twice on national TV would be enough to make a person realize how repulsive they really were, but apparently New York didn’t get that memo. Instead, she and her freakish mother (who, I’m convinced, is actually a man) will go through the whole trashy charade again. Yes, trash fans, even her horrible mother will be back this season. Make sure you keep your vomit buckets ready. New York’s self-absorbed chatter and psychotic diva rants will surely make our list of trash TV highlights this year.

Still, I think the real fascinating question here is this… just how many times can VH1 spin off a show? If you recall, the entire Flavor Flav dating show phenomenon started way back in 2004 with The Surreal Life. That show lead to the unholy union of Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielson. Later, their relationship spawned Strange Love, a reality-romance series about Flav’s attempts to woo Nielson. As if that wasn’t enough, when Flav and Brigitte split, VH1 introduced a new show, the original Flavor of Love. After the first season of that show yielded no long-term love interest for Flav, VH1 decided to bring it back again in another quest to find Flav a woman. All this might leave you wondering just why VH1 has taken such an interest in the love life of the self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Hype Man”. Now VH1 has once again introduced a spin off in the Flavor Flav love saga, bringing us the latest reality abortion, I Love New York.

Seriously, VH1, why are you doing this?! This goes so far over the line of jumping the shark that I think a new term needs to be coined for this scheme of running a concept so far into the ground. Clearly, this network does not know when it’s time to let an idea die. All this is made even more hilarious by the fact that infamous “clock ceremony” line from Flavor of Love was “you know what time it is.” Please, VH1, just let this whole Flavor Flav thing go and come up with something else. You know it’s gotten pretty bad because this is coming from Trashwire.com. We have very strong stomachs for trashy TV, but this is testing even our tolerance. Keeping the cameras rolling as a girl took a shit on the carpet during the second season of Flavor of Love was one thing, but now we’re so desparate for crap reality that we need to create and entire series where we find a man for someone who isn’t even famous enough to qualify as a d-lister?! When will it end?!

It’s so horrible that we just can’t resist it and we’ll be there watching on January 8th a 9PM EST when I Love New York premieres on VH1.

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Alexis Gentry

Alexis Gentry is the creator and editor of Trashwire.com. She has been called a “dynamic, talented and unique voice in pop culture” by Ben Lyons of E! and, with her strong fascination with entertainment and penchant for writing, it’s not hard to see why.

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