Mooninites invade Earth, panic Boston

And so it has come to this. A marketing campaign for a cartoon has supposedly “panicked” a city. Namely, Boston. As far as I can tell, no Bostonians were running up and down the street, arms in the air, hair in disarray. shrieking “Oh, Why? Oh Why God? Why Me?”.

It is obvious from all reports that the only people who felt “panic” were City Officials who overreacted. This is why the terrorists have won. We are scared of advertising devices made up of lite-brites and batteries.

I have seriously had it. They have actually arrested some poor slob who was hired to place these little marketing gimmicks around Boston.

This is it guys. Anyone up for our own island in the Caribbean?

I’m reading all of the articles about this pretend bomb scare/terrorist threat and a comment to an article pointed out that not one, NOT ONE, person in the Boston police force, fire department, no City personnel, nor any newscaster, recognized that this was a cartoon character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Jesus Christ, I am 47 years old, have no children of High School or College age living with me, and I do not have any friends under the age of 35 in Louisville. And yet, I instantly recognized a Mooninite!!!!

I used to chuckle about ATHF with co-workers at Chase. And if people who work at a Chase Bank in Louisville KY know about ATHF and the Mooninites, well then at least one person who works for the City of Boston should.

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