Was ‘Cloverfield’ shot with Britney-cam?

It seems like a great idea: a post-9/11 disaster flick with aliens. After watching the emotional footage from Ground Zero, much of it shot by average people, it’s easy to see how that could inspire a new style of cinematography for narrative film. Combine that with America’s love for action movies (as evidenced by Transformers) and you should have the formula for an amazing film.

Unfortunately, Matt Reeves Cloverfield begins like an episode of The Hills and leaves viewers emotionally unattached from the characters and the so-called plot. With a film that has been marketed as a different kind of action/disaster movie, it’s such a let down to hear the same dialogue rife with banality and cliche movie acts of heroism as every other over-the-top explosion film.

As if that wasn’t enough, visually the movie looks like the cinematography was done by Britney Spears a la her homemade reality show Chaotic. Where Blair Witch Project engaged views with it’s hand-held style, Cloverfield is so filled with rapid camera movements that it feels more like a nauseating ocular assault. Several people in the theater were shielding their eyes during the film, not out of fear or suspense, but because they started to feel motion sickness from the constant jumbled up shots from the perspective of a guy running with a camera.

The hype surrounding this film and the spectacular trailer gave me very high hopes for Cloverfield. It’s too bad that the trailer contains nearly every watchable part. Aside from the subway sequence, the only time I liked the film was when the camera was still enough to focus on a subject; too bad that was less than 20% of the movie.

Even the much anticipated monster was clearly visible for only a matter of seconds. Frankly, that’s just not fair. Don’t make me sit through a movie that feels like 90 minutes on a nauseating tilt-a-whirl only to short change me in the monster department.

The highlight of this movie going experience has nothing to do with Cloverfield. Instead, what I most enjoyed was seeing the trailer for Jon Favreau‘s Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. About 20 minutes into the actual feature, I realized that trailer was about as good as it was going to get for the night.

Like I said, it seems like a great idea.



20 thoughts on “Was ‘Cloverfield’ shot with Britney-cam?”

  1. i enjoyed it. it’s a real cool movie. a nice personal/human slice of story in the grand scheme of a monster attack.

    it’s a little weak in character and plot, relying heavily on the gimmick of the ‘home video’ camera work, but still, way cool.

    :: efrain

  2. I like what Peter Travers said about it

    Now that the fanboy hype has cleared, we can see Cloverfield for what it is: borrowed inspiration, trite screenwriting and amateurish acting all in the service of a ballsy idea.

  3. I actually thought this was a great movie. Although this movie had a few errors here and there, this is a movie that i would go back and see again.=)

  4. fuck you this movie was awesome. anyone who doesnt like it is a moron who doesnt understand good movies

  5. I agree that it was a good concept, but it just didn’t pay off in the way I was hoping. I was expecting to just love this movie, but I ended up being very disappointed when it let me down in almost every way.


    How come they had to show black people stealing stuff? I mean come on! I dont think there was any looting in 9/11 and NONE did anything during the blackout a few years ago. And THAT was the perfect time to steal stuff.

  7. I actually did see the splash at the end. There are some clips on YouTube, but you can’t see it because it’s too low quality. I barely noticed it on the big scree. Also, everyone’s saying at the end of the credits you hear Rob say “It’s still alive” or something like that.

    I’m sure these little things will get people to see it again and it’ll keep going strong at the box office.

    I bet it would be ok on DVD, but I can’t physically stomach seeing this another time in a theater.

  8. This movie was the stupidest piece of shit that has ever been made. They keep trying to act like people loved it but everyone I’ve ever talked to says its ubertarded and the writing’s not good and the acting is bad too.

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