Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey are among Golden Globe highlights

Golden Globes 2009It seems the entire internet has exploded with Golden Globe posts. Everywhere you turn, there are best-dressed lists, photos, behind-the-scenes gossip posts, and highlight lists. Not wanting to be left out, we bring you our top 5 Golden Globe moments.

5. Colin Farrell’s cocaine joke
To my surprise, there were an awful lot of cocaine jokes last night, but the best was Farrell’s quip that his sniffle was the result of a cold and not “that other thing, that it used to be.” It’s no secret that Farrell has has a rather checkered past, but he seems to always have a good sense of humor about things and, much like Robert Downey Jr., that counts for a lot.

4.”I am the voice of post-racial America!”
Tracy Jordan is a wild, over-the-top black comedian on TGS, the fictional comedy series in 30 Rock. Tracy Morgan is a wild, over-the-top black comedian in real life and last night he provided us with one of the funniest Globe moments. When the show won for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, Morgan stepped up to the podium explaining that he and Tina Fey had an agreement that if Barack Obama won the election, Morgan would be the voice of the show. In true Tracy Jordan fashion, he then loudly declared, “I am the voice of post-racial America! Deal with it Cate Blanchett!” Aside from outrageously funny initial statement, Fey’s reactions to the rest of the speech made this one of the best Globe moments ever, especially when Morgan referred to Executive Producer Lorne Michaels as “Lorney Mikes” and nearly forgot to acknowledge NBC president Jeff Zucker.

3. “DianeFan can suck it!”
It was very hard to decide the best 30 Rock moment between Fey calling out internet haters and Morgan becoming the new “voice of post-racial America” but I finally decided that Fey’s speech had to receive higher placement on the list. Anyone who has read Trashwire in the past few months knows about our complete adoration of Fey, and she certainly didn’t disappoint with her humorous speech. Last night she addressed her internet anti-fans by telling them all they could suck it! I assumed at the time that she was just making up fictional net handles, but was very please to discover that negative nerds like DianeFan are, in fact, real people.
Not on the list but also a 30 Rock highlight – Alec Baldwin‘s remark about giving a young Rumer Willis a juice box.

2. Kate Winslet’s Best Actress acceptance speech
Though everyone is calling her drawn-out declaration of love for Leonardo DiCaprio a little too passionate for comfort, I thought Winslet’s win was one of few genuinely heart-felt moments of the night. With the “leak” of Ann Hathaway‘s rumored win stirring up internet after it appeared on the Golden Globe website in error, it was easy to understand why Winslet looked so surprised to hear her name called. Her emotional outpouring, and the fact that she totally spaced out Angelina Jolie, made this one of the most talked-about highlights of the evening.

Ricky Gervais was the best part of the Golden Globes1. Ricky Gervais!
Anyone who has seen the first episode of Gervais’ HBO series Extras probably burst out in hysterical laughter at his Holocaust joke. For those who don’t religiously follow Gervais, the episode featured a guest appearance from Winslet, playing herself, as an actress portraying a fictional nun in a Holocaust movie. At one point Gervais, as background player Andy Millman, praises her for doing a film that keeps the message of the Holocaust alive, to which Winslet replies that she’s really only doing the film to win an Oscar. She goes on to explain that there are certain roles that nearly guarantee Oscar gold, such as playing a person with disabilities or playing a Holocaust hero. Coincidentally, her real Golden Globe win was for The Reader, a film about a Nazi woman, and Gervais had the good comedic sense to acknowledge this on stage.

Notable mentions include Sacha Baron Cohen‘s joke about Madonna and Guy Richie, Don Cheadle‘s plea to the Coen Brothers, and Rainn Wilson‘s “we’re tv actors” introduction.

We can only hope next month’s Oscars give us this much blog fodder.

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    I would have put “DianeFan can suck it” at number 2, but Ricky’s was number one for sure and Kate’s reaction was awesome.

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