I Love You, Man – Incredible script creates the perfect mixola

i_love_you_manNever go to a guy-date movie or eat dinner with another man, only lunch or after work drinks. This is the advice that Robbie (Andy Samberg) gives his brother Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) in the new comedy I Love You, Man. Peter comes to decide he needs more bros when his fiancé Zooey’s (Rashida Jones) friends Hailey (Sarah Burns) and Denise (Jaime Pressley) state that they think he is weird because he has no friends. Peter takes this to heart and starts looking for a best man by going on a series of man-dates. This is how he meets Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) the lucky winner placed in the stake of being Peter’s new bro and possible best man. With a wide array of guest appearances, and an amazing script penned by John Hamburg and Larry Levin, I Love You, Man creates a steady flow of laughter throughout.

Guest stars include Reno 911’s Thomas Lennon, Lou Ferigno A.K.A. The Hulk, Jane Kurtin of SNL fame, J.K. Simmons from Juno and Iron Man director Jon Favreau. Each added a little extra spice to the already great cast. It’s hard to imagine that someone could develop some of the gibberish words on a screen for Peter to flub as he gets weak for Sydney but it’s proof that the script is just amazing. The women of the film also had some great one-liners throughout the movie. Each role felt very organic.

i-love-you-man-segel-rudd-476x300-2In the panel discussion, I Love You, Man: Are You Man Enough to Say It, the cast talked about everything from production goodies to outtakes. The upcoming DVD release of the film will have a section called “Klavenisms” where viewers can watch a reel of Paul Rudd improvising the awfully embarrassing gibberish words. Segel explained saying, “You can’t write how awkward Paul Rudd can be.”

The panel also included Pressley answering questions about her role in the film vs. her character on My Name is Earl, Favreau explaining his “Daniel Day Lewis transformation” and Segal exclaiming, “You’re fucking stealing off Apatow!” in reference to a drum kit with a Rush poster above it that is similar to the one in Freaks and Geeks.

I Love You, Man is in theaters now and with a cast this funny, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Photos of Paul Rudd and Rashida Jones below courtesy of Amanda Dugen and Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice And Biscuits KTSW-FM 89.9.

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View footage from the SXSW premiere of I Love You, Man

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