Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Predators’ stirs interest with stellar cast

Robert Rodriguez's Predators to hit theaters in JulyAn exclusive preview of Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez and directed by Nimród Antal, showed at the intimate Alamo Ritz on Friday March 12th to a packed house. The filmmakers, along with Fox Searchlight Pictures, introduced two trailers, a scene, and announced a possible July 7th theater date. Predators was originally a script written by Rodriguez as a writing assignment intended for Arnold Schwarzenegger in the late 90s. Rodriguez stated that because he was the only writer and he didn’t think the movie would ever actually be made, he went crazy creating new creatures in the other-world-setting. Since adding two other writers and presenting a new story within this franchise, Predators seems like a probable summer hit — especially with its cast.

Rodriguez stated that he wanted to have high caliber actors to present the material for viewers to take this story seriously. Laurence Fishburne, Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Michelle Rodriguez, and Alice Braga star as the most dangerous killers playing the most dangerous hunting game. The exclusive scene shown at the event was the introduction of Fishburne’s character, which was simply amazing.

Rodriguez chose Antal to direct after watching Kontroll, and commented that he knew “this was a filmmaker.” Rodriguez also states that there is no CGI or extensive computer work in the film. The Predators are simply six to seven foot tall guys in suits, costumes, and make-up with a bit of wire-work. After the exclusive sneak peek, the trailer went online where the world can now see what people waited for all day at SXSW. With new Predator characters along with a cameo from an old friend early on in this film, Predators could be the latest action movie that will not be shown in god-forsaken 3-D.

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