Sex and the City 2: Worth the wait or wait to rent?

Sex and the City 2 delivered the ultimate voyage full of fashion, romance, and the true power of friendship. This is to be expected when walking into a brand new episode in the life of this Manhattan foursome.

The movie finds Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) married to longtime love Big (Chris Noth),but still wanting to go out and enjoy the Manhattan social scene. Carrie’s friends Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristen Davis) are also married, but lead lives much different then Carrie. Both women focus more on family life rather then the Manhattan nightlife. And there is, of course, Samantha (Kim Catrall), who continues to live the single life, and fuel’s Carrie’s craving to be out on the town.

The continuous wardrobe changes displayed an array of couture that was at times fabulous, and other times questionable. The fashion statements are nothing new in the world of Carrie Bradshaw, or shall I say Carrie Preston. This is the last name Carrie took after marrying John James Preston a.k.a. Mr. Big in the previous film. During the documentation of the few months in the life of Carrie and Big, it became apparent that this single gal has truly settled down. Even though the show and the previous film focused on Carrie and her relationships with men, the sequel took a turn to focus on friendship, and confirmed that the relationship between the four women is stronger then ever.

The foundation of this feel-good sequel is a unique adventure filled with typical Samantha Jones antics and comical one-liners. As a long time Carrie Bradshaw fan, I must say that I am ecstatic that love has finally come around in her life. Yet, the time when I could remotely relate to Carrie has come and gone. Sure she used to spend $600 on a pair of shoes, but she was also full of life, and life is never perfect. Now, it seems that all the women have settled into a place that is far from what the show originally strived to be. Carrie has become lifeless, much more materialistic then she ever used to be, and attempting to relate to her current status in this world in near impossible.

The film is plagued by various incidents of relationship mishaps in each characters life, yet the concept has moved far from feeding into reality and has become more surreal. Perhaps I am resentful that my long time love affair with Carrie Bradshaw has come to an end after so many years, but I just do not find any attributes that keep me united to her character. This film was more a “good time” without the deeper meaning than the Sex and the City fans are accustomed to.

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