Diego Ibarrola shows promise with Kink ‘N’ Kill

Kink ‘N’ Kill is a short film from director Diego Ibarrola and was written by Ibarrola along with Brendon Reed and Jason Reed. The short film is about a sick, twisted news reporter that has some extremely kinky fetishes.

Ibarrola was able to craft a thoroughly entertaining short that left me wanting more. I feel the story of the news reporter, and what he thinks that leads him to do the things he does, could be told in a larger format. Typically short films are based off ideas and materials that clearly work best as a short film this, however, is an idea that I believe could easily be expanded.

In just the short film format, Ibarrola was able to deliver the top two things film fans crave: sex and violence. This film was more than that, though. It was more about the way Ibarrola pulled them off, very sleek and stylish.

My one suggestion would be towards the amount of blood and how it looks. In a piece like this, I’d like to see it amped up a bit, but overall it’s not really an issue and takes nothing away from the overall feel of the film.

Diego Ibarrola is a director with a lot of promise and my viewing of Kink ‘N’ Kill at the AZ Underground Film Festival has me very excited to see Ibarrola’s feature length debut, Borderline.

For more information on Diego Ibarrola and his upcoming works, visit IMDB.com

Chris Coffel

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  1. I agree. This short was very entertaining, and shot very well. In my attempt to tell the direct just that, he seemed very off-putting and short. He definitely can work on his people skills.

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