ABC Death a shocking short

ABC Death is an animated short from director/writer Brett Walker. The film is about a man named Allen who, while taking a stroll through the city, hears someone eerily singing the ABC’s. Allen tries to figure out where the voice is coming from. His attempts fail.

Eventually the voice, along with the help of some super creepy little kids on a see-saw, drive Allen mad and he runs off to a church to find solace. Comfort, however, is the last thing Allen finds in the church where ABC Death ultimately comes to its shocking, jaw dropping conclusion.

With this being the first real bit of animation done by Walker, at least the first with a story, it’s quite impressive. The animation is pretty crisp and smooth and immediately draws people in. The sets stand out the most as they give off a very sinister and evil look, almost reminiscent of the Gotham feel from Batman. You can tell from the start that things aren’t going to end well.

Then there’s the ending that will leave people talking. While we can tell things may quickly go south for Allen, we never expect them to reach the point they do. Especially not once Allen has reached the inside of the church where one would think he would have finally escaped from the voices pushing him to the brink of insanity.

ABC Death is a great little short worth finding the time to see.

Chris Coffel

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