AZ Underground Film Fest showcases new talent

For the past three years the Arizona Underground Film Festival has rapidly been growing both in and outside of Arizona as a top-notch underground cult film festival. The non-profit festival allows truly independent artists the chance to showcase their talents to an audience regardless of genre. Whether you’re looking to see a truth seeking documentary or an over-the-top exploitation film (AZUFF is the only fest that offers an exploitation category), AZ Underground Film Festival is sure to have something for everyone.

For the 2010 edition of the AZ Underground Film Festival the fest expanded its screening schedule from Tucson to Tempe. Unfortunately I was unable to make it out to Tucson for the majority of the screenings, but this new expanded screening schedule did allow me to head over to Madcap Theaters in Tempe to check out the shorts block, “Celluloid in the Sun Showcase.”

The showcase featured eight very different, but very entertaining shorts. I walked away thoroughly impressed not only with the films I watched, but also with what David Pike, festival founder and director, has done with the Arizona Underground Film Festival. Its clear Pike has put in plenty of time and hard work to put this fest together and give up and coming filmmakers an outlet for their work.

While I’m disappointed knowing I was only able to take in a very small portion of what AZUFF had to offer this year, I’m very excited for 2011 and the upcoming years. If I was able to enjoy a film festival this much while only seeing a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what the fest brings to Arizona each year, I can only imagine how fantastic it must be to take in the entire fest. I’m sure this is just the start for Pike though, as I fully expect the Arizona Underground Film Festival to continue to get bigger and better.

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  1. I also attended this film fest, I thought it was very entertaining and after meeting Pike I’ve found him to be a very energetic and charismatic individual!

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