Chris Coffel’s Top 10 of 2010

Note: I write this top 10 list without seeing many of the films from 2010 that I would’ve liked to see it. So if you’re wondering why films like The Fighter or Black Swan aren’t on here, its because I haven’t seen them yet, unfortunately.

10. Machete

Machete from director/writer Robert Rodriguez is a film I had been highly anticipating and for the most part it didn’t fail to deliver. Based off the popular trailer from Grindhouse, Machete is classic Rodriguez. Picture Lloyd Kaufman making a film with a large budget and you get Machete.

Danny Trejo is brilliant as the title character but Robert DeNiro steals the show as the racist politician amongst one of the most interesting film casts you’ll ever see.

9. Let Me In

Let Me In is the first of two remakes to make my list. Usually I’m iffy on remakes especially ones that come out so soon after the original, but Let Me In is a truly great film.

Director Matt Reeves did a remarkable job capturing the tone of the original film and may have made it darker. He really could  have Americanized it but it didn’t and for that I applaud him.

My one complaint with this film was the marketing. The film was advertised as sort of a fast paced horror movie which it certainly wasn’t. It was very slow so audiences may have left disappointed.

8. Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is the only animation to make my list and rightfully so. Whether Pixar and Disney get together you know you’re in for a treat and Toy Story 3 is no different.

Woody, Buzz and the whole gang are back with the perfect conclusion to the perfect trilogy. Easily one of if not the most emotional movie of the year, Toy Story 3 should walk away with an Oscar for best animated film of the year and a best picture nod.

7. Inception

The big summer blockbuster hit of 2010 was Inception from the always brilliant Christopher Nolan. Nolan crafted a masterpiece that not only looked beautiful but had a complex and interesting story.

The cast is stellar with Leonardo DiCaprio leading the way, but its Joseph Gordon-Levitt that takes the spot light in an Oscar worthy supporting role. Tom Hardy also stands out as he so often does.

The limited use of CGI and the incredible use of sets is what really makes this movie shine and further proves the genius of Nolan. Fantastic film all around.

6. Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Edgar Wright‘s box office bomb was hands down the most fun I’ve had at the movies in years. The film was extremely creative and all the little video game references made this film very entertaining.

Michael Cera delivered another hilarious performance to add to his already impressive list. Kieran Culkin collected the most laughs though as Scott’s gay roommate, Wallace. Audiences that skipped this flick missed out.

5. 127 Hours

This is where the list really gets hard. Anyone of these films could easily be number one, but the latest effort from Danny Boyle is just on the outside.

Boyle is a director that doesn’t really stick to any one genre and is basically all over the place. Usually I think this is bad news but Boyle pulls it off and 127 Hours is another great piece of work to add to his resume.

I think this was clearly the most impressively shot films of the year and should be an Oscar front runner. James Franco also gives a career performance in a role that should earn him a nomination.

4. True Grit

There was no film I was more excited to see in 2010 than the Coen Brothers‘ adaptation of the Charles Portis‘ novel, True Grit. Anyone that knows me knows that I love the Coen Brothers and they gave us another classic as they reunited with Jeff Bridges and Josh Brolin.

It was very interesting to see the Coens make a true western rather than their normal quirky type of film. The end result was great and while it wasn’t he best movie of the year, there’s a good chance they’ll have some more Oscar nods coming their way.

3. The Social Network

David Fincher‘s latest film was about how Facebook became the mega huge website and business it is today. It featured multiple strong performance, specifically from Jesse Eisenberg in the lead role of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

The Social Network seems to be most people’s pick as the best film of he year and is probably the best picture front runner, deservedly so. The film was filled with some of the sharpest dialogue around and was a joy to watch.

2. Cyrus

Cyrus makes it onto my list as not only my number two film on the year but far and away the most underrated. Very few people talked about this film and that’s a real shame.

My second favorite set of filmmaking brothers, the Duplass Brothers, wrote and directed this hilarious comedy starring John C. Reilly, Marisa Tomei and Jonah Hill.

Reilly and Tomei are middle aged singles that begin to date. Things are going well until Tomei’s creepily attached twenty something son, played perfectly by Hill, tries to come between them.

A very, very funny film and a definite must see.

1. The King’s Speech

Finally, my choice as the best film from 2010 is another picture getting relatively no love: The King’s Speech from director Tom Hooper.

The King’s Speech is the story of how King George VI of Britain overcame his speech impediment with the help of an unorthodox language therapist. Colin Firth stars as the prince turned king and Geoffrey Rush plays the quirky, unlicensed therapist that helps him overcome his fear of speaking in public.

This film has some of the best costumes, sets and acting you’ll ever see. Firth and Rush were absolutely dynamic on screen together and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the two walked away with Oscars for best lead and supporting actors, in fact that’s my hope. The two were fantastic and deserve the recognition.

Helena Bonham Carter also turns in another strong performance as the King’s wife, Queen Elizabeth.

This is a film that I’d really love to see win best picture, although I’m 99.9% sure it won’t. Make an effort to seek this movie out and see it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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