‘Andrew Bird: Fever Year’ a fest favorite

Andrew Bird is described as an American musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has a bachelor’s degree in violin performance and has made tons of music in the genres of folk, jazz, swing and blues. He’s been on albums with multiple bands but failed to get viable commercial success. He was later asked to open for a band in his hometown, but his band mates were unable to make it to the opening. So he did what any levelheaded person might do and played the gig solo. It went extremely well for the young musician! Because of the success of his solo show Bird went on to gain success by wrapping himself in his music with a solo career.

At the upcoming 2012 Phoenix Film Festival we got an inside look at Andrew Bird while he’s on one of his most rigorous years of touring. Andrew Bird: Fever Year premiered at Lincoln Center during the New York Film Festival and will screen with 17 international film fests during April. The Arizona premiere at the Phoenix Film Festival was on Friday, March 30th, with an encore on Saturday, March 31st.

Based on the trailer this is a documentary well worth your time. Music is most fun when you know the artist loves his craft. Bird embodies that idea. He is creating amazing techniques and seems to love his craft more than most. Check out the trailer here and be sure to catch the documentary if it’s playing at a fest in your town.

Official Trailer (2:45) from Andrew Bird: Fever Year on Vimeo.

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