Top 10 Angry Susie Moments from Curb Your Enthusiasm

With no new Curb Your Enthusiasm on the HBO horizon, we are all left not only missing Larry David, but also the biting, emasculating, rage of his best friend’s wife, Suzie Green (Susie Essman). Here are the top 10 Angry Suzie Green moments.

#1- “Judy is decapitated!”

#2 – “I’m turned off!”

#3 – “You think we’re going to have a nice divorce?”

#4- “She’s at home hysterical!”

#5 – “You’re banned from the house!”

#6 – “She knows that there’s no tooth fairy now!”

#7 – “I’ll kill you Jeff!”

#8 – “Just knowing you is a liability!”

#9 – “I love pigs Larry!”

#10 “Don’t impose your desires on my whole cuisine!”

Pat Sue Gentry

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