Comic Con Thursday (7:18:13) - 37

Back into the fray! Trashwire heads to San Diego Comic Con 2013

Trashwire is in the hizzouse (yes, I realize how ridiculous and dated that sounds) for San Diego Comic Con 2013. Pop culture mecca is bustling again with celebs, superheroes, a fair share of obscure cosplay, and more than a few Targaryens—in fact, about two dozen Khaleesi clones were spotted in our first few minutes at the convention center. While Thursday is still pretty early into the con, we spotted Lost stars Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly, who was signing for her role as Tauriel in The Hobbit at the Weta booth.

We also saw our fair share of costumed heroes from the pages of Marvel and DC, but we were particularly fond of old-school Batman. Another standout was a Rufio, who made me want to run up to him and yell “Rufi-o, Rufi-o, Ru-fi-oooooh!” like in Hook, but that’s just because I’m a total nerd for that movie. Here’s a quick glimpse at the con with lots more to come tomorrow. Follow us on Twitter for live updates and like us on Facebook for pics and videos.

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