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Every year, I go to Comic Con for Trashwire to cover the event, from the cosplayers to the celebs on panels. But, every year, there’s always something special that becomes my personal Comic Con goal—my own little fangirl quest, if you will. These quests can involve something simple, like attending a cool panel, but they usually involve something far more fangirly than that. They usually involve my celebrity crush du jour.

If you’ve read Trashwire for any length of time, you might recall my crush on Gerard Way of the now disbanded My Chemical Romance. I raised the “mission accomplished” banner on meeting him in 2011 and ticked one thing off my fangirl checklist.

This year’s goal was a man who is, in my opinion, the sexiest living human being on earth: Jason Momoa. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, chances are you’re aware of my undying obsession with this studly actor and, if you watched Game of Thrones season 1, you might have your own little Momoa obsession, since he quickly became a fan favorite as Khal Drogo. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we can tick one more quest off the list, because I attended the panel for Wolves, Momoa’s upcoming film directed by David Hayter and also starring Lucas Till and Merritt Patterson. Momoa is so good looking that he makes me catch the vapors like a pre-Civil War southern gal, so I was all about this panel when I saw it on the lineup. We got to see clips from the film, where he plays an ultra-badass werewolf named Connor, and I took the opportunity to ogle him from the front row of the conference room while I snapped pictures like a TMZ paparazzo on steroids. So, if you’re like me and Jason Momoa sets your heart aflutter, enjoy these pics and videos from the panel.

Alexis Gentry

Alexis Gentry is the creator and editor of She has been called a “dynamic, talented and unique voice in pop culture” by Ben Lyons of E! and, with her strong fascination with entertainment and penchant for writing, it’s not hard to see why.

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  1. Sherry Carter says:

    Thanks do much, Alexis. I, too, love our man Momoa and I really appreciate your pics and especially the video. Lucky you just being in his vicinity. Thanks again

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