For Your Consideration: Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto star in 'Dallas Buyer's Club'

Matthew McConaughey stars as Ron Woodroof in this biographical drama set in the mid 80’s. Ron is a rodeo bull riding, hellraising, hustler, who thrives in a high-risk world. He takes his chances in with the bulls, the girls, the drugs, and the gambling, and manages to stay ahead of the consequences, until he goes to the hospital for a work injury, only to find out he is HIV positive and given just 30 days to live.  Ron is in total disbelief of this diagnosis, insisting there must be an error because only gay people get this disease.  The doctors explain the way HIV can be transmitted and assure him his condition is fatal. He returns to his trailer to find ready and willing girls already partying with his friend, but Ron sits this one out and once alone he reflects on all the unprotected sex he’s had over the years.

Ron becomes so weak that he is rushed to the hospital again and given the FDA approved drug AZT, which makes him sicker and weaker.  While in the hospital he is put in a room with Rayon (Jared Leto), an HIV positive, drug addicted transsexual. He is initially repelled by Rayon and blasts her with homophobic rants.  Rayon is calm and even helpful to him, and we see him soften his disdain toward her, if only slightly.

Ron begins to feel much, much, worse and starts to research what other drugs are out there. He travels to Mexico and begins smuggling non-FDA approved medication for patients with HIV.   He not only sees a way to improve his health, but also his wallet and goes to the area that he knows gay people frequent, but his homophobic demeanor makes them all avoid him, and he realizes he is going to need help.  He spots Rayon, and she cuts a deal with him to go into business together.  This unlikely duo creates the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ with the motto “I don’t sell drugs, I sell memberships”.

As new drugs come on to the scene, Ron travels all over the world to retrieve them and the business thrives.  The US officials try hard to shut him down, but Ron seems to be able to out smart them.  Ron goes on to live seven years and becomes a strong voice for patient advocacy.

McConaughey and Leto are amazing in their roles and this film is worth seeing!

Rating- 4 stars

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