For your consideration: Inequality for All

Robert Reich in  Inequality for All

Inequality For All is a documentary, but it feels more like a college lecture. A lecture well worth sitting through! Do you remember back in college when you would have one professor whose lectures you looked forward to? A professor that would not only enlighten you, but empower you? Well if politics, labor, and the economy are of interest to you, then Robert Reich, may be your favorite professor.

Reich’s credentials are impressive! He was a recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford where he met Pres. Bill Clinton, served in the administration for Presidents Ford and Carter, and was Secretary of Labor for President Clinton from ‘93-‘97.  He has written over a dozen books and is often a political commentator on several news programs.  If anyone is going to explain political economics to us, this is the guy to do it!

But the film isn’t all one big lecture. We get to know the man himself.  Reich is small in stature, less than feet feet tall.  He has a wit like Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and even though he is the smartest guy in the room, you can see he puts those around him at ease.  He is a man who feels compelled to raise the red flag every chance he gets to save the middle class.  “The middle class is the center of economic universe.”

Throughout the film he makes it easy to understand the ebb and flow of the economy and not only how if effects this country, but who it effects the most.  He underlines the progression of increased tax breaks for the rich, which led to a severe disadvantage for the middle class.  The biggest point made in the film is that the middle classes are the consumers, and if you don’t have the consumers, you don’t have a thriving economy. It all seems simple enough, but clearly nothing is simply in the political arena.

In Equality For All doesn’t give you the answer, it simply gives you the facts, and that alone may empower you to make your political voice herd.

Ratings- 3.5 stars

Pat Sue Gentry

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