Author: Will Ables


10 reasons Tom Waits is better than you

Will Ables, Trashwire’s resident music dude, is a big fan of Tom Waits. In fact, he’s such a big fan that he’s compiled this list of reasons why no one will ever be as cool as Tom Waits. He’s even backed it up with video evidence.

Not exactly a music review 0

Not exactly a music review

There are two points I’d like to make in this article. I’ll get to the first one right away:  going to see your friend’s band is generally a bad idea. Friend’s bands are bad,...

Your Dad’s Rock and Roll 1

Your Dad’s Rock and Roll

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and everyone flocking back home to be with family, Trashwire brings you a new piece by Will Ables about bonding with his dad over The Boss, vodka on...

Is Nashville Relevant? 5

Is Nashville Relevant?

Trashwire reader and Nashville resident Will Ables contributed this article about country music and Nashville as a musical influence on other genres.

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