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Honestly, I probably was not going to write a new post about Big Brother 11 until Sunday at the earliest but as I was eating dinner and reading over some tweets, I come across this tweet from @tvguide:

Big Brother 11’s Chima kicked out of the house by producers for “violating the rules,” according to CBS #bb11

Why?  well, you can read about it at TV Guide or you can read my recap in the next couple of days when I am sure they will go over the reasons why Chima was kicked out tomorrow on Big Brother.  Why I will not discuss it now is because I limit my following of Big Brother to what I see on television so to find out the reasons why now would just spoil the episodes for me this week.  Don’t fret though, I am not done with this topic or this post just yet.

So if you have been following thus far, you will notice that I am on a bit of a hot streak.  Last week was no different.  I predicted Jeff would use the power of coup d’etat and remove both Lydia and Russell from the block and replace them with Natalie and Jesse.  You have to respect Jesse for calling that this was a possibility all week long.  The reason for putting both of them on the block was simple: they had been controlling the house up to this point.  Of the original cliques, only the athletes had not lost a team member so even though the cliques were disbanded officially, the cliques continued to exist in an unofficial manner.  The producers tried to convince the viewers at home that Russell might remain on the block because of his actions so far in the game but even though Russell has spoken ill of Jeff behind his back, he wasn’t as big of a threat as Jesse and Natalie.  Also, Jeff (and probably most of the viewing audience) felt that a message needed to be sent to Natalie and Jesse that everyone is vulnerable in this game.  Within 10 minutes of the new nominations Jesse was evicted from the Big Brother house.

Jesse took his eviction well and gave kudos to Jeff for making the best move he has made so far in the game which is absolutely true.  Jesse was visibly upset but he respected Jeff’s game play and as of right now, if Jeff were to make it to the finals, I do believe Jesse would give Jeff his vote to win the $500,000.  With Russell safe in the house Chima had words for the producers and Jeff.  She said she would speak to the producers lately and then called Jeff a liar.  I will continue not to say how I feel about Chima because she was raped but if you read what I said about her earlier in the game, that is how I felt about her at that moment and she was not giving me any reason to think otherwise.

I predicted before the eviction show that Chima was likely to be the next house guest evicted but I had second thoughts after Michele won the HoH competition.  Obviously I turned out to be right but let me explain why I thought Chima might have been safe this week.  I thought the only way Chima would be safe this week was if Natalie won the Head of Household competition but Michele winning is very interesting because while Michele has won a couple of competitions she is still a floater.  She will move to the side of the house that she feels is in control of the game.  Now she is control of the game and I am not completely sure who she would nominate.  This past week she got really close with Chima it appeared but up until Chima won the HoH, Chima was on Michele’s least favorite house guests list.  In fact, she voted to evict Chima week one even though Chima was a member of her own team.  We are six weeks and I am not sure if a truce for one week can make up for the previous five weeks.

Some will retort that this is just a game but this season, especially this season, personal feelings have seaped into the house time after time.  People aren’t letting go of what other house guests have said to them and are even taking it to the next level by targetting those who insulted them regardless of if its smart game play or not.  I know it might sound like I still think Chima was going to be nominated even with Michele in the house but Michele and Russell failing to make-up over the lie Michele told made me think Russell once again would be targeted this week.  After the HoH ceremony I was starting to think Chima would be safe and Michele might take the safe route and nominate Lydia and Russell again.  Russell and Lydia are two of the three most disliked people in the house.  Russell because of his instability and Lydia pretty much for the same reason.  Sure Michele could nominate Russell and Chima but Chima would have a serious chance of staying and all that would end up happening is Chima getting in Michele’s face because she nominated her.  Russell and Lydia are two safe choices because Russell is unstable and Lydia is useless in the game.  No matter who of those two went home, Michele would likely be safe next week.  In fact, since I am blogging this now, assuming there isn’t an emergency HoH ceremony, I think Russell and Lydia will be nominated tomorrow.

One might make the conjecture that Chima was kicked out because she blew up at Michele for nominating her (nominations take place on Saturday in the Big Brother house) but I don’t think that was the case.  Chima only verbally abuses women and so far the producers have let that go.  If they warned her in the past to stop and she did indeed go off on Michele for nominating her I can only wonder why they didn’t tell us that on television?  That is a seirous warning and because Chima has blown up at someone nearly weekly, they had to expect this could happen.  What I think happened instead was Chima attacked Russell.  No way she hurt him but likely slapped him because he got in her face about her failing to evict him this week.  I hope we find out tomorrow.  I think we will but Chima isn’t the first house guest to be evicted by the producers.  In a past season, one male house guest was evicted for threatening someone with a knife and the producers just said he was kicked out and did not go into the details why.  I am hoping they do things differently tomorrow.

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