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Three Trashwire writers agree: Kick-Ass kicks ass

Kick-Ass opens April 16Any filmmaker will tell you, it’s hard to please film critics. Sure, audiences might love your film, but nerdy film geeks like myself might hold it to a different standard. Impressing one critic is tough, but try impressing all three of the regular writers at Trashwire. Wil, Chris and I all had the chance to see Kick-Ass at different screenings and we all came back with the same opinion of the film: it kicks ass! Continue reading

Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Predators’ stirs interest with stellar cast

Robert Rodriguez's Predators to hit theaters in JulyAn exclusive preview of Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez and directed by Nimród Antal, showed at the intimate Alamo Ritz on Friday March 12th to a packed house. The filmmakers, along with Fox Searchlight Pictures, introduced two trailers, a scene, and announced a possible July 7th theater date. Continue reading

Not exactly a music review

There are two points I’d like to make in this article. I’ll get to the first one right away:  going to see your friend’s band is generally a bad idea. Friend’s bands are bad, especially in Nashville where everyone claims to be “with” or “in” the band. After slogging through their concert you’ll be forced to give everyone a big hug, buy them a beer, and proceed to tell the entire band how much they remind you of The Killers. Continue reading

Denver’s Bump & Grind offers delicious drag fun

Bump and Grind Cafe in Denver“Hello, I’m Nasty and I’ll be your bitch today” is the kind of greeting you can expect at Bump & Grind Café in Denver. A group of women came in shortly after my party was seated and Secretia Pheromones, another member of the colorful staff, yelled out “Hello lesbians!”  Needless to say, my guests and I could not wipe the smiles from our faces. Continue reading

‘A Serious Man’ is a serious masterpiece from the Coen Brothers

Let me start this review off by letting you know up front it will be pretty biased. I absolutely love the Coen Brothers. They are by far my favorite directors and can do no wrong in my eyes (I was even able to find enjoyment in The Ladykillers!). Seriously though, all biased opinions aside, their latest effort, A Serious Man, is a work of pure genius. Continue reading

Zombieland is thoroughly entertaining

Zombieland in theaters nowIf you’ve seen any zombie movies or read Max Brooks’ “Zombie Survival Guide,” then you know the key to actually surviving a zombie threat is by having a few rules to follow, and things are no different for Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) as he tries to make it through a zombie infested world in the new horror/comedy film, Zombieland, from director Ruben Fleischer. Continue reading

Killer cast makes great comedy in Bored to Death

Bored to Death starts Sunday Sept. 20 at 9:30pm ET/PT on HBOBored to Death is the new HBO series starring Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, and Ted Danson (yes, you read that correctly, Ted Danson). The series takes place in New York and focuses on the life of real-life writer Jonathan Ames (Schwartzman). Jonathan is a novelist who is also a part-time journalist for publisher George Christopher (Danson) and best friends with comic book artist Ray Hueston (Galifianakis). Continue reading

Jerry Seinfeld on the first episode of The Jay Leno Show

The revolution may be televised but Jay Leno won’t be the host

For the past two weeks you couldn’t turn on your television without seeing a promo for a television show that was suppose to change everything. The show had a familiar host, a new time slot and supposedly a new format. It was a format that was suppose to save an NBC lineup that was ready to go up in front of the government death panel (those aren’t real? Who’s going to put NBC’s lineup out of it’s misery or at least put their viewers out of their’s?) Continue reading

Mini characters fight a large scale apocalypse in Shane Acker’s ‘9’

9 comes to theaters 9-9-09The film 9 was first an Academy Award winning short of the same title by director Shane Acker. The short took the non-verbal Wall-E route while the new seventy-nine-minute feature consists of an entire ensemble. Although the voice acting adds to the experience of the film, the action, mystery, and originality of 9 evokes what a post apocalyptic world might look like for robotic rag-dolls. The vision and excution is memorable, but the western style of story telling deviates this new feature from the original charm of the short. Continue reading