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E. L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy

What does ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ say about women?

We don’t publish enough book reviews here on Trashwire—possibly because we don’t read enough books—but E L JamesFifty Shades of Grey is such a ginormous success that it warrants a bit of commentary. Let me start off by saying that I’m no English Lit major and I’m not a big time reader, but I have read my fair share of book-to-screen adaptations and, since this book will soon become a movie, I feel qualified to make a judgement call. This review will contain some spoilers, so consider yourself warned! Continue reading

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard on the set of 'Cabin in the Woods'

Director Drew Goddard talks ‘Cabin in the Woods’

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard on the set of 'Cabin in the Woods'

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a discussion with director Drew Goddard about his new film and feature length directorial debut Cabin in the Woods. Goddard, a pleasant, down-to-earth individual, started off as a writer that was stuck in a room alone for ridiculous amounts of time and now he’s working with 300 different people with a common goal of making a fun enjoyable film. Take a look at what I got out of the discussion, then make your way to your local cinema to have the most fun in a movie than you’ve probably had in a long time. Continue reading

American Horror Story on FX

10 reasons I love ‘American Horror Story’

FX’s American Horror Story is by far one of the most creative, original and twisted new shows on TV. With fascinating characters and surprising twists and turns, it’s one of the few shows that dares to venture out from the standard TV formula. Season one kept me guessing every week and often left me with my jaw on the floor in shock. Here are a few of my favorite things about this brilliant show, in no particular order. WARNING: Major spoilers if you haven’t seen the show! Continue reading

Europa & Leber

Cinqué Lee much more than just Spike Lee’s brother

Cinqué Lee, despite the unique name he has, is probably someone who has a body of work more recognizable to you than his name. Lee, brother of acclaimed director Spike Lee, has worked in the film industry since the late 80’s wearing a wide variety of hats. From director to producer to actor and even wardrobe, the man has done it all.

Lee’s most notable works include co-writing the screenplay for Crooklyn and acting roles in Mystery Train and Coffee & Cigarettes, both films from director Jim Jarmusch. Lee’s most recent film is a sci-fi fantasy piece entitled Window On Your  Present. The film was actually Lee’s first, being shot in the late 80’s and just released on DVD from BrinkDVD. Continue reading

Sam Riley and Andrea Riseborough in Brighton Rock

‘Brighton Rock’ showcases English culture and crime

Brighton Rock is not just another English gangster flick. Sure it seems like that at the go, but as we get deeper into the story the film reveals more about people and society.   In this feature we pick up on Pinkie Brown (Sam Riley) out to scare a rival mob member named Fred. After a brief chase and fight, Pinkie ends up murdering Fred. Pinkie would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for a young waitress named Rose (Andrea Riseborough) who had a ticket for a photo that showed Pinkie with his victim moments before the murder. If you don’t have the ticket you can’t get the photo. The plot of the film follows Pinkie as he courts Rose in an attempt to keep her from sharing his murderous secret. Continue reading

Paul Rudd in Our Idiot Brother

Cast has chemistry in ‘Our Idiot Brother’

Nice guys are often confused with idiots. They have all of the characteristics of an idiot: they are trust worthy, honest and easy going. That’s exactly the description of the idiot in question. In Our Idiot Brother, Ned (Paul Rudd) is a really nice guy, and a hippy on a run of bad luck. After a stint in prison for selling weed to a uniformed police officer, Ned’s girlfriend leaves him and he’s forced to look to his family for help. He moves in with his mother who wants him to wake up early to go button shopping. Unable to put up with this nonsense, Ned goes on to live with each of his three sisters successively. During this time, he manages to ruin each of their lives.  It is in this ruining that he teaches his sisters about themselves.  In essence, he gives them a chance to grow as people and become closer as a family.  Continue reading

The kids of Attack the Block defend their turf from an alien invasion

Trashwire talks to Joe Cornish and John Boyega about ‘Attack the Block’

Attack The Block thrilled crowds at Comic Con, and it’s not hard to see why. A film produced by Edgar Wright, who directed Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, about aliens attacking a council estate in the hood in South London is an instant draw for geeks looking for a witty turn to alien invasion movies. But it’s not just for geeks. ATB also boasts an impressive cast of young actors on the level of Super 8 and a fast-paced script filled with comedy, suspense and heart.

Trashwire had the chance to sit down with writer/director Joe Cornish and star John Boyega at Comic Con to talk about the film. Continue reading

True Blood star Ryan Kwanten at Comic Con

Our blog is exploding with Comic Con photos

We’re doing Comic Con recaps here, but the Comic Con coverage runneth over on our blog. Today, for example, we’ve got LL Cool J, Vivica Fox, True Blood’s Ryan Kanten, the cast of Lost, Lou Ferrigno, oh yeah, and two guys you might have heard us mention before, Gerard and Mikey Way. Check out the pics on the blog and stay tuned for more Comic Con updates including our interview with Attack the Block director Joe Cornish and star John Boyega.
Continue reading