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Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street directed by Martin Scorsese

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ might just be the best movie of the year

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street

I always find it difficult to review a movie I love. It’s easy to tear a bad movie to shreds, but it’s much harder to praise a great movie without sounding like you’re gushing. That goes tenfold for a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, since he is arguably the most talented actor of his generation. I’m just going to go ahead and warn you now, this review will contain a lot of gushing about just how wonderful The Wolf of Wall Street is, because it’s one of the best movies of the year. Continue reading

Orange is the New Black on Netflix

Do the time for ‘Orange is the New Black’

Taylor Schilling stars in Orange is the New Black on Netflix

The new Netflix comedy-drama series Orange Is The New Black held me prisoner for two days as I binge-watched this addicting new series, based on the book of the same title, written by Piper Kenman. The book and the series are loosely based on Kenman’s real life experiences during her time in prison. Continue reading


Dream team DiCaprio and Lurhmann dazzle with ‘Gatsby’


First of all, I just want to offer a warning that it’s going to be very difficult for me to write this review without totally fangirling out over Leonardo DiCaprio. You see, I’ve absolutely adored him since the days of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? and I am absolutely confident that he is the best actor of my generation. I should probably also mention that I think Baz Luhrmann is an incredibly inventive and talented director with an eye for visual flare and artistic use of music. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that I loved The Great Gatsby. Continue reading


‘Warm Bodies’ brings new life to teen romance genre


What do you get when you cross Romeo and Juliet with George Romero? You get a refreshingly original zombie romance in the form of Jonathan Levine’s Warm Bodies. Told from the POV of a teenage zombie who’s grown apathetic with his post-apocalyptic existence, Warm Bodies delivers a sweet, funny and fresh take on a classic teenage love story. Continue reading

Life of Pi

‘Life of Pi’ a visual masterpiece

I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was going to see Life of Pi and she was adamant that I read the book before venturing off to see this film. Like most people I have found that the book is always better than the movie. Books always lend more scope, detail and feeling to a story as they can put in the character’s thoughts and feelings where that’s not always possible in a visual medium. I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, but I felt that the movie was actually able to do something that a book could never do: put on one of the best visually entertaining spectacles I have ever seen. Continue reading

Jennifer Lawrence stars as 'Katniss Everdeen' in THE HUNGER GAMES. Photo credit: Murray Close

‘The Hunger Games’ a spectacular adaptation

Jennifer Lawrence stars as 'Katniss Everdeen' in THE HUNGER GAMES. Photo credit: Murray Close

Let’s face it, Hollywood rarely succeeds in making a book-to-screen adaptation that lives up to the original. Even True Blood, one of my favorite shows, takes quite a few creative liberties with Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels. After reading (and totally loving) Suzanne Collins’ best-selling The Hunger Games, I was keeping my fingers crossed that the film version would live up to all the hype. Thankfully, director Garry Ross gives us a film that perfectly captures the essence of the original work.  Continue reading

The Social Network

The Social Network breaks from tradition of nerds in cinema

From Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles to McLovin, Hollywood loves nerds. Typically, nerds in movies are portrayed as people who have been wrongly rejected by their school society, but are really great human beings underneath their acne, glasses and knowledge of all things Star Trek. The Social Network is different in that billionaire nerd and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg (played to perfection by Jesse Eisenberg) seems to be a social outcast for a very good reason: he’s a jerk. Continue reading

Owen and Abby meet on the jungle guy in Matt Reeves' Let Me In

Let Me In far exceeds expectations

Owen and Abby meet on the jungle gym in Matt Reeves' Let Me InWhen people heard director Matt Reeves was remaking Let The Right One In, the popular vampire movie from Sweden, there was an immediate uproar. People were afraid it would be Americanized and dumbed down. I was skeptical as well. Based on the previous work of Reeves, I felt Let Me In would definitely be a disappointment. I was wrong. Continue reading

Jesse Eisenberg stars as Facebook co-creator Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network

The Social Network could be career defining for Jesse Eisenberg

By the time I had joined Facebook it was already passed the stage were it was only available to college students. Now it’s even more readily available to folks than it was when I got on board. It feels as though literally everyone has a Facebook profile. It’s much more than a social networking website. It’s a cultural phenomenon. Facebook is a bonafide business and one worth billions. Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is a knock out

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: Scott Pilgrim vs the World is one of my favorite movies this year. The quick editing, unique visual style, impressive cast and seeing Michael Cera take a welcome departure from the usual charmingly befuddled geeky character make this film a total knock out. Continue reading