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Kristen Wiig stars in Bridesmaids

Chicks rule in Bridesmaids

Some people say that women aren’t funny. In fact, in the grand history of comedy, women have been mostly relegated to playing girlfriends and wives of the leading men. Even today, many of comedy’s female stars are considered hot chicks first and comediennes second. If Hollywood does make a movie with a predominately female cast, it’s a “chick flick” and and the laughs are sparse. Thankfully, Bridesmaids throws click flick conventions out the window and gives us a female version of Wedding Crashers or The Hangover. Continue reading

Amy Poehler carries the load in ‘Parks and Recreation’

Amy Poehler stars in Parks and RecreationParks and Recreation is basically a new version of The Office. There is absolutely no difference in the style, presentation, or punchline. The only real difference is that the majority of the comedy heavy-lifting is placed on Amy Poehler who has ultimately been dealt an undeveloped character. Continue reading