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Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) and Chet (Aziz Ansari) rob a bank in '30 Minutes or Less'

’30 Minutes or Less’ loaded with comedy heavyweights

If you’ve read Trashwire for any length of time, you know I love the cast of 30 Minutes or Less. We’ve had articles about Jesse Eisenberg’s star-making turn in The Social Network, several about Danny McBride adding flavor to any movie and even an interview with Nick Swardson. As hardcore fans of these guys, I saw the movie from a different perspective than most critics. Continue reading

Amy Poehler carries the load in ‘Parks and Recreation’

Amy Poehler stars in Parks and RecreationParks and Recreation is basically a new version of The Office. There is absolutely no difference in the style, presentation, or punchline. The only real difference is that the majority of the comedy heavy-lifting is placed on Amy Poehler who has ultimately been dealt an undeveloped character. Continue reading