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Bill Murray as Richie Lanz and in ROCK THE KASBAH to be released by Open Road Films Photo credit: Kerry Brown / Distributor: Open Road Films 0

‘Rock the Kasbah’ misses the mark

Rock the Kasbah is a movie with so much potential. It stars Bill Murray, features Zooey Deschanel, Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson, Scott Caan, and Danny McBride. Murray even promoted the movie by showing up at Comic Con for the first time to do a genuinely funny panel and answer fan questions. With all that going for it, it’s such a shame the movie misses the mark by a mile.


Can Franco do it all in ‘As I Lay Dying’?

James Franco not only directed and stars in ‘As I Lay Dying’, but he also co-wrote the adaptation of William Faulkner’s classic original novel. Franco’s diverse cast include Danny McBride, Logan Marshall Green, Tim...


Due Date fails to deliver

Take Todd Phillips, director of wildly successful The Hangover, throw in that film’s most memorable star, Zach Galifianakis, add in Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., and you should have a stellar comedy. With...

‘Observe and Report’ is the funniest sad movie you can see 3

‘Observe and Report’ is the funniest sad movie you can see

Rape, balls, and a small penis are used for comedic purposes in telling the story of security officer Ronnie (Seth Rogen) in the new movie, Observe and Report, which premiered on Monday at SXSW.


Danny McBride brings home the bacon

Danny McBride is like the bacon on a cheeseburger. Without it, the burger is still good, but there’s just something even more delicious when you slap a couple pieces of bacon on top. Like...


‘Pineapple Express’ a killer bud comedy

The great “Movie Stoner Duo Hall of Fame” includes Cheech and Chong, Jay and Silent Bob, Harold and Kumar, and now Dale and Saul, the main characters in the ridiculously funny Pineapple Expresss. The...

The Lonely Island hits the big screen with ‘Hot Rod’ 0

The Lonely Island hits the big screen with ‘Hot Rod’

Hot Rod is the feature film debut from The Dudes of The Lonely Island. Andy Samberg stars as Rod Kimble, a lovable weirdo in the Napoleon Dynamite vein, who aspires to be a great...