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Denver’s Bump & Grind offers delicious drag fun

Bump and Grind Cafe in Denver“Hello, I’m Nasty and I’ll be your bitch today” is the kind of greeting you can expect at Bump & Grind Café in Denver. A group of women came in shortly after my party was seated and Secretia Pheromones, another member of the colorful staff, yelled out “Hello lesbians!”  Needless to say, my guests and I could not wipe the smiles from our faces. Continue reading

Fame is the new American Dream

9News.com covers the Balloon Boy scandalWhat exactly is the “American Dream”? According to Wikipedia, the concept was first expressed by James Truslow Adams in 1931, saying citizens of every rank feel that they can achieve a “better, richer, and happier life.” It was that kind of optimistic freedom that encouraged so many of our ancestors to immigrate to the United States. Of course, now the “American Dream” doesn’t seem to just include improving your life, but also getting famous. Instead of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, America has now become the land of unemployment, ridiculously expensive healthcare and the pursuit of a reality TV deal. Continue reading

Trashwire sits down with Arj Barker at Comedy Works in Denver

Trashwire.com interviews Arj BarkerArj Barker is best known in the USA for his role as Dave on the HBO series Flight of the Conchords, but he has also been doing stand up for over a decade and has a huge following in Australia. He has an animated online series called “Arj and Poopy” that has been described as, “Short and classic. Just what you expect from Arj and Poopy. This one might not be suitable for small children or cops.” Continue reading

The Whitest Kids U’Know come to Denver

wkukI have been a fan of the Whitest Kids U’Know since back in the day when the series was on Fuse. Trashwire even featured a piece about the evolution of tv sketch comedy focusing on WKUK as well as other sketch shows like Human Giant and the short-lived Acceptable TV. Last Monday, I capped off an outrageously fun weekend by heading to the Oriental Theatre in Denver where all five members of the Whitest Kids U’Know were performing live. Continue reading

Taking Back Sunday rocks the Fillmore

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to go to the Taking Back Sunday concert at the Fillmore here in Denver. It was sunny outside, the line wasn’t too long, and venue is only a few blocks from my house, so I was really excited to go. It was hard for me to shake off the awesomeness and spectacle of the My Chemical Romance concert, but I knew I had to enter the Fillmore with a clean concert slate.

We snagged a great place off to the side where we could really see both the stage and the crowd. I felt like a documentarian, only without a camera. The view was great and we even had a place to sit. The crowd was hyped up as the lights cut out and Armor for Sleep took the stage. All the girls around us started dancing, flipping their hair, and taking cell phone pictures of the band. The boys were into it, but not quite as much. One guy next to us kept jotting down things in a notebook, which we later found out was his calculus 3 homework. The young Jersey band played a short set, getting the crowd fired up, and then graciously went to the merch table to go greet fans as the crew set up for Underoath.

Soon, the lights went out again and the screamo dudes from Underoath took the stage. While Armor for Sleep played the kind of music I’m used to hearing on Fuse, Underoath was a lot harder, which alienated a bunch of girls that were around us. It kind of cracked me up in a way because the guys were just so into it. I can understand if you love your music and you’re psyched about playing it, but it seemed a bit over the top at times. We kept watching one of the dudes in the band, a big blonde guy keyboardist with a Mac laptop mounted to his keyboard stand. I can’t really describe it, but there was something so funny about watching a guy rock the fuck out on an iBook. He was headbanging, jumping all over the place, and screaming the lyrics along with the singer, all while he clicked and scrolled with the mouse. Most of the guys in the audience seemed really into it, but the girls started to flee as a giant most pit formed in the center of the floor. As one gaggle of high school girls stood around us, they started remarking that they were surprised Underoath was opening for Taking Back Sunday. Once I started thinking about it, it was kind of an odd choice. Underoath are a Christian band with screaming vocals and Taking Back Sunday are more chilled out and melodic. If you listen to Louder Now: Part One, Taking Back Sunday’s new CD/DVD, it hardly seems to scream, “Get a Jesus-loving hardcore group to open.” Since I wasn’t really feeling the music, my attention turned to the crowd.

There was one group of frat-looking boys who kept walking in front of us and high-fiving each other when they saw a cute girl. There was a cluster of sweaty dudes walking out of the pit victoriously in the other direction. Every now and then, a cluster of girls would walk by with their cell phones text messaging. The whole scene left me longing for the sweet, friendly, emo kids of the My Chemical Romance show.

Finally, Taking Back Sunday took the stage. Their lighting was cool and really conveyed the mood of the songs and their backdrop was cool, like a giant cassette player. They sounded fantastic, the harmony between lead singer Adam Lazzara and guitarist/background vocalist Fred Mascherino was tight and on point. All the guys really got into it and interacted with the crowd at different points. Of course, Lazzara also wowed everyone with his cool microphone swinging skills. (Just check out the videos for “Liar” or “MakeDamnSure” if you don’t know what I mean) I have to admit, it was pretty cool to see him throw the mic super high in the air and then whip it around and catch it or swing it out at a hundred miles per hour and then wrap it around his neck like a whip. Their presentation was as great as their sound. Everyone was really into it from the moment they opened with “Liar” to the second they closed with “MakeDamnSure” during their encore. There was even a cool part when Lazzara broke into Justin Timberlake’s “My Love”, proving that he can sing in a flawless falsetto better than Timberlake himself.

After the show ended, everyone filed out of the Fillmore and down the street. As we walked by, a whole bunch of kids were singing the lyrics and a group of girls were gushing that Lazzara was a total babe. I finally got home and I was ready to pass out after one of the busiest weeks of my life. I can remember when my weeks were filled up with term papers, homework and deadlines, so, even though it was strenuous, I couldn’t have been happier to have a week that was busy because I was seeing two of my favorite bands.

The Black Parade marches on Denver

My Chemical Romance plays Magness Arena in DenverAs most of you know by now, I am a huge fan of My Chemical Romance. Though I might not fit their target demographic, I absolutely love their music, their videos and their whole vibe. Last night, I was one of the 7,000 lucky ones who saw their show at Magness Arena in Denver.

After days of sleepless anticipation, we finally arrived at the venue several hours early. There were already about 50 kids in line, all decked out in their Black Parade gear and heavy make up. We later found out that the group of girls at the front had been there since 5:30 in the morning. MCR fans, or the MCRmy as they’re called, are notorious for being devoted to the band and they certainly do not play around when it comes to sitting front row to see their dudes. The fans are also some of the most polite, considerate and kind people I’ve ever met. Unlike other rock kids, these kids really come together and the shows are more than just concerts, they’re like group therapy for everyone involved.

We wandered around the arena, which is located on the Denver University campus, and through pure luck, we were able to sit in and watch as the crew set up the stage. As if that wasn’t cool enough, we were treated to yet another bonus when the band started arriving to get ready for sound check.

First, drummer Bob Bryar came out from the dressing room and started checking out the stage and chatting with the roadies. Next, Ray Toro emerged and was easy to spot with his signature curly locks as he chatted with a friendly guy from a British publication. After Toro’s arrival, we spotted Frank Iero, who was sporting longer hair that hung in front of his eyes. My stomach was churning with nervous excitement as I watched Mikey Way, who was gorgeous enough to be some kind of goth male model, step out and join the rest of the guys as they prepared for a photo shoot.

Still, I was wondering where MCR’s charismatic frontman, Gerard Way, was hiding. Just as I was about to give up hope that we’d see him before the show, I looked down towards the shoot to see a small guy with jet black hair and a flawless profile. I thought to myself, “That is one beautiful guy. He kind of looks like Gerard.” A second later, I looked closer only to see that it was the rock superhero himself!

Now, I have seen a lot of really gorgeous men before, both famous and not, but I must admit, Gerard might have the most stunningly perfect face I’ve ever seen. I hate to sound like a fourteen-year-old fangirl, but he easily takes the title for hottest guy on the planet. Take that DiCaprio!

When the show began, I was so excited and anxious that I could barely breathe. We were right in front, being crushed up against the barrier with the swell of the crowd as the lights cut out and Rise Against took the stage. They played a great 30 minute set and really pumped everyone up for My Chem.

After the set change, everything went dark and the beep of the heart monitor came over the speakers. From the side of the stage, two people wheeled out a gurney. Even thought everything was dark, we were close enough to see Gerard lying on the bed with a big smile on his face as he slowly pulled a microphone out from under the sheet. “Now come one come all to this tragic affair.” Gerard smiled and looked down at us all in the front row as he belted out the lyrics. “I’d encourage your smiles, I’ll expect you won’t cry!” The curtain flew off, the lights flared up and the guitars kicked in as they launched into “The End” and “Dead” and the frenzied crowd cheered.

They played every single song off The Black Parade, an astonishing task considering that most bands only play a few songs off their albums and focus on their singles. The show was theatrical and spectacular. The level of showmanship was off the charts and we were surrounded by smiling fans singing all the lyrics right back at the band.

They got to “Famous Last Words” and I was definitely not ready for it to be over. I knew they were going to play an encore and that they always close the show with “Helena” from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, so I was anticipating their return as they hurried off the stage.

Things were dark again and the curtain was up. We heard a few chords from some of the songs off that breakthrough album as they set up again. Finally the curtain dropped once again, revealing a throwback MCR dressed in attire from the Revenge days. Gerard sported a leather jacket as he had during the tour for that album a few years ago. Frank was in a white shirt and tie like something from their Taste of Chaos days. Ray was in a black t-shirt like he had been in the “I’m Not OK” video. Even Mikey dawned his classic glasses once again despite having Lasik and not needing them anymore.

The Revenge section was so amazing because it was like a fantastic DVD special feature, bonus material, an extra treat. The crowd roared with excitement as they played “I’m Not OK” and everyone screamed “Trust me!” during that crucial moment in the song. They launched into “Cemetery Drive”, got everyone moving during “It’s Not a Fashion Statement, It’s a Fucking Death Wish”, had the whole crowd pumping their fists in the air during “Ghost of You”, had everyone belting the lyrics to “Thank Your For the Venom”, opened up the mosh pits with “Give ‘Em Hell Kid”, and left the crowd in a complete frenzy after “You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us in Prison”, which also happens to be my favorite song ever. Then, they brought the house down with “Helena”, a song that is especially meaningful because it’s about the death of Gerard and Mikey’s grandma. Everyone sang so loud during “Helena” that is was hard to hear anything else.

The experience was truly amazing. My Chemical Romance puts on a show like no one else. Even seeing Prince in concert doesn’t compare to the magic that takes place on stage at an MCR show. This is going to be one concert that I will never forget.

View additional photos of the event at http://trashwire.com/mcrdenver.html

Vintage Trashwire – What your wireless network says about you

In these days of broadband internet, wireless networks are more and more common as people look for ways to connect on-the-go. Nearly every laptop these days has a built in wireless card and most of us probably use wireless networks around our house, the office, or at school. When setting up a network , most people tend to go with a generic name or just leave the default name of their wireless router. As wireless security became more of an issue, people began getting more creative with their network names and making sure that their internet connection remained private. If you’re like me and you live in an apartment building where nearly everyone uses wireless internet, you can find out a lot about your neighbors from the names they give their networks.

I discovered this phenomenon the other day when I had to reset my router and my computer asked me if I wanted to connect to another network. The computer trying to auto-connect me wasn’t the weird part, it was that it offered to connect me to an open network called “Bitchy McBitch.” There was something that was just so funny to me about seeing a little alert window on my screen saying, “None of your preferred networks are available. Would you like to connect to the open network Bitchy McBitch?” I clicked the little no button, but was intrigued by what other networks might be available in my building.

The names ranged from simple, like “Kristen’s net” or “Jason” to more complex, but still straightforward names like “6th Floor Conference Room” and “Apartment Home”. Then I noticed a slew of more creative names starting with “Go Rockies”, “Vote 4 Pedro” and “Pimp Daddy”. Clearly my neighbors, all primarily younger people, were fans of the Colorado Rockies, Napoleon Dynamite and pimping. Still, I wondered, what could top Bitchy McBitch for best wireless name?

As I glanced down the list, I noticed one particularly interesting network. Someone in my building had bought a wireless router, completed the set up wizard, and titled their network “Balls in Pantyhose”. I was instantly curious about the person who owned the “Balls in Pantyhose” network. I’m assuming it was a guy, but I suppose it could have just as easily been a woman. Still, I tried to picture what this person must be like. Was he really into balls in pantyhose? Was it just some inside joke he shared with his buds? Did the phrase have some special meaning for him? So many questions arose from this very unique network name.

It made me start to think about the entire evolution of technology up to this point. Engineers and scientists had been working for decades, creating computer technology to advance society, with hopes of grandeur about curing disease and connecting distant nations. Then there was this guy who named his network “Balls in Pantyhose.”

Ah, the future is now!