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Pig at Phoenix Film Festival

Phoenix Film Festival wrap-up: The good, the bad, the surprising

The Phoenix Film Festival has become my favorite way to spend three or four days away from home. That even beats out Disneyland, which I went to for the first time this year. This year’s Phoenix Film Festival did it again with a ton of great movies, parties and seminars. There wasn’t enough time for me to take it all in so I dedicated most of my time to watching movies and eating Harkins concessions. This year I saw 16 feature films and a few shorts.  I’m going to rank them from my most favorite to my least favorite; I’ll give you a short synopsis of the film and then tell you what I did or didn’t like about the film. Continue reading

11th Annual Phoenix Film Festival

Phoenix Film Festival returns to the desert

The Phoenix Film Festival returns to the desert for the 11th straight year from March 31-April 7, 2011 at the Harkins Scottsdale 101 Theatre.

The Phoenix Film Festival has rapidly been growing over the past decade, quickly becoming a favorite of many filmmakers. In past years the festival has showcased films from all over the world from Do It For Uncle Manny in 2002 to (500) Days of Summer in 2009 to Cyrus and Middle Men headlining last year. Continue reading

We Are the Sea

Denver filmmaker celebrates first feature film, We Are the Sea

Making a film is hard, making an independent film is even harder, and making your first independent film can seem damn near impossible. For Colorado filmmaker Neil Truglio, the journey from concept to film festival took seven years and the blood, sweat and tears of a very generous cast and crew. When all was said and done, he had written and directed his very first feature film, We Are the Sea. Continue reading

AZ Underground Film Fest showcases new talent

For the past three years the Arizona Underground Film Festival has rapidly been growing both in and outside of Arizona as a top-notch underground cult film festival. The non-profit festival allows truly independent artists the chance to showcase their talents to an audience regardless of genre. Whether you’re looking to see a truth seeking documentary or an over-the-top exploitation film (AZUFF is the only fest that offers an exploitation category), AZ Underground Film Festival is sure to have something for everyone. Continue reading

Amexica exposes harsh realities of human trafficking through impressive performances

Amexica, from writer/director Ron Krauss, was hands down the best short film I screened at the 2010 Arizona Underground Film Festival–and in no way is this a slight to the other films there. Amexica was simply just that good. Continue reading

Misguided Sympathies of Flowers is certainly misguided

Misguided Sympathies of Flowers is supposed to be about isolation. It’s supposed to be about how a mentally ill homeless woman deals with being alone. It’s supposed to be dramatic and disturbing. At least this is what the IMDB.com page for this short tells us director/writer Gregory Dyke was trying to get across to us. Continue reading

Return to Mayhem more teaser than short film

One of two animation shorts I saw at the Arizona Underground Film Festival was The Villikon Chronicles: Return to Mayhem. The three minute short, written by Bryan Kinnaird and directed by Rebecca Friedman, is just a very small segment in The Villikon Chronicles series created by Kinnaird. Continue reading