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American Horror Story on FX

10 reasons I love ‘American Horror Story’

FX’s American Horror Story is by far one of the most creative, original and twisted new shows on TV. With fascinating characters and surprising twists and turns, it’s one of the few shows that dares to venture out from the standard TV formula. Season one kept me guessing every week and often left me with my jaw on the floor in shock. Here are a few of my favorite things about this brilliant show, in no particular order. WARNING: Major spoilers if you haven’t seen the show! Continue reading

Elijah Wood answers fan questions at the Wilfred panel

Comic Con Thursday

Wednesday was for media, but the real fans flocked to the San Diego Convention Center on Thursday for the real kick off of Comic Con.

The cast of Napoleon Dynamite signed autographs at the FOX booth and we grabbed pics of Tima Majorino, Aaron Ruell, Jon Gries and Dedtich Bader.

Next, we hit up the Beavis & Butt-Head panel where Johnny Knoxville lead a conversation with Mike Judge about the upcoming new series. Judge talked about Beavis and Butt-Head taking on MTV shows like Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant and even showed fans some sneak peek clips from the new season.

After that, Elijah Wood, Jason Gann and the cast and crew of Wilfred previewed the latest episode for fans at their panel. Wood talked about playing Ryan and interacting with a dog–er, well, an Australian guy dressed in a dog suit. Gann decided to start calling Wood “The Big E.W.” and the audience carried it on into the Q&A session. Wonder if it’ll catch on.

Of course, the fans are what make Comic Con and they were in it to win it this year. From a centaur to a ninja to a bunch of Transformers, there were a lot of elaborate costumes. This year, there was a lot of movie memorabilia too. We have pics of C3P0’s glove, Catwoman’s mask and, my personal favorite, Khan’s shirt. Check out all the pics from Thursday in this extended gallery:

It’s a Very Sunny Christmas

If one of your favorite holiday traditions involves throwing rocks at trains then It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: A Very Sunny Christmas might be just the Christmas special for you. The special, exclusively on DVD and Blu-ray, brings the same TV-MA humor that Sunny fans love to the holiday season as Mac, Charlie, Dennis, Sweet Dee and Frank relive their favorite Christmas traditions and try to understand the Christmas spirit. Continue reading