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Gerard Way's The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys comic

Gerard Way’s ‘Killjoys’ a rambunctious thrill ride with a message

When I first heard My Chemical Romance‘s debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love I heard stories of star crossed lovers, fighting to survive, running from a punk rock, horror collage of pain, anguish, tragedy, and vampires.  I could close my eyes and see the moving pictures as they burned and embedded their imagery onto my heart and soul forever.  Leaving an impact on my style, my life, my thoughts, and my own art.

As My Chemical Romance continued to tour, shoot videos, and record albums, it was easy to see that this was a band that would forever be changing not only musically, but stylistically as well.  Unafraid to trudge forward in a constant evolution of themselves as musicians.  It was as though they had a scattered, schizophrenic of a mad scientist behind their look and productions.  As varied as each chapter of their journey was, there remained a strong constant.  That Gerard Way was far beyond a simplistic lyricist, he was a storyteller.  Within the shuffle of each different theme he sang about, there was always a core message within that was about facing reality, no matter how scary or daunting it may appear, to be brave, to heroically fight the good fight, even if it meant certain doom.  That was what I had needed at the beginning of my post-high-school life, and it was also an affirming reminder to continue on every time I wanted to give up.

As I read the first issue of The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys I saw that same message coming through the pages of the comic book, the message of never giving up.  Killjoys takes place in a dystopian future that feels like a welcomed collision of the world of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, smashing into David Bowie’s Diamond Dog album—you’re damn right there’s going to be sparks, darling!  The story line picks up several years after the death of the original killjoys, with the girl that they died saving fending for herself.  The story is fast paced, and has multiple layers.  From the poignant view point of its main character, to the self obsessed and crazy vigilantes, as well as the underlying political and world views, the Killjoys comic book appears to be a rambunctious thrill ride with a message. The timing of it coincides perfectly with the recent news of how the NSA has access to every text we’ve ever sent, each email, any phone call we’ve made, all out there for them to view, just simply aftermath ashes of the previous passing of the Patriotic Act several years ago.  Big brother is alive and well, not to mention the obvious corporate corruption that has and seemingly always will exist.  Thus, making the fictional world of the killjoys seemingly all too real and familiar.  With multiple aspects that perfectly add additional elements to the characters, the theme, and the underlying tone.

Splashed across the pages, the artwork of Becky Cloonan creates multiple dimensions that allow the reader to not just glance at a comic as they turn pages, but to feel completely immersed within it.  Her artistry for Killjoys is a brilliant compromise of their colorful, futuristic world, while also feeling like a familiar canvas of early 90’s titles such as Superman, Batman, and the X-Men.  She is not only an extremely talented artist, but what makes her incredibly unique in my eyes is her ability to be so incredibly diverse in her projects.  Her previous work in Wolves was definitely moving, but resided in a realm that was fittingly dreary, dark, and several touches more true to life.  Where her artwork in Killjoys is visually stunning, with futuristic colors popping off the pages in a world that is seemingly nearly anime, with an almost throwback vintage touch.

“This morning, before the mask hides your eyes and last nights blood dries, before the bodies at the roadside rise, send your thoughts to the sky in hopes that their memories weren’t taken along with their lives.”

Another line of poetic salvation from within Killjoys which could have just as easily have been song lyrics from an MCR song.  Gerard and co-writer Shaun Simon seemingly have the innate ability to seamlessly interject Gerard’s lyrical magic within elements of the comic, without distracting but rather uplifting the characters and their world to another level entirely.  The timing of this comic book series couldn’t be more perfect.  It has a message that is fitting for both the younger generation coming into this new post 9/11 world of fear and corruption, as they wonder how they carve their own niche and hopefully find a way to salvage the mess they’ve been left.  It also relays a reminder to never give up, for those of us on the outskirts of society, the outcasts and renegades from the previous generation who could easily become apathetic, become part of the system, finding a comfort in the old adage that ignorance is bliss.  But we won’t.  Because Killjoys never die! 
“Dreams. Visions. Suicide Missions.  Anniversaries are lies if we forget why the confetti flies.”

Star Trek Zombies at Comic Con 2012

Trashwire returns to Comic Con for the third year

We’re back! Trashwire has made the annual pilgrimage to San Diego for Comic Con and we’re taking pictures, recording video, and posting all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. We’ve got costumed superheroes, a gallery of all the Batmobiles in cinematic history, a couple glimpses of the Twilight gang, the hottest werewolf in the biz and a certain rock star comic book geek. This post will be regularly updated with new photos, so check out our latest photo galleries here and be sure to follow Editor @AlexisGentry and, of course, @trashwie.com on twitter, like us on Facebook and follow us on Tumblr for more. Continue reading

Superman with a fan at Comic Con 2012

‘Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope’ captures passion of San Diego Comic-Con

Perhaps the most overused word when describing fans is “passionate”, but that is the best way to describe all those who attend the behemoth convention that is Comic-Con.

Morgan Spurlock has taken on the task of telling the story of Comic-Con 2010 in the documentary Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope–not an easy feat due to the plethora of characters that attend this convention.  Comic-Con is a unique experience for everyone who attends, but Spurlock chooses to zero in on a few specific characters: The Geek, The Designer, The Soldier, The Survivor, The Collector and The Lovers. The film takes these characters from Comic-Con prep time in their hometowns to Comic-Con go time on the convention floor and anyone who has attended can find a piece of their experience in these characters. Continue reading

True Blood star Ryan Kwanten at Comic Con

Our blog is exploding with Comic Con photos

We’re doing Comic Con recaps here, but the Comic Con coverage runneth over on our blog. Today, for example, we’ve got LL Cool J, Vivica Fox, True Blood’s Ryan Kanten, the cast of Lost, Lou Ferrigno, oh yeah, and two guys you might have heard us mention before, Gerard and Mikey Way. Check out the pics on the blog and stay tuned for more Comic Con updates including our interview with Attack the Block director Joe Cornish and star John Boyega.
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My Chemical Romance become The Fabulous Killjoys on new album

My Chemical Romance emerges from the coffin as The Fabulous Killjoys

The music video for “Na Na Na”, the first single from the upcoming My Chemical Romance album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, marks a welcome departure from the gloom and doom of The Black Parade with bright colors, a fun low-budget attitude and a new narrative style. Continue reading

Gerard Way goes for blonde hair at Comic Con 2010

Comic Con Panel: Spotlight on Gerard Way

Today’s featured panel was Spotlight on Gerard Way. Way, along with artist Gabriel Ba and Dark Horse’s Scott Allie, sat down to discuss The Umbrella Academy and take some questions from fans. The group talked about creating original super heroes with unique special abilities, artistic influences, the upcoming film adaptation of the comic book and lots of other topics. Continue reading

Day 3 at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con

Pics from Comic Con – Day 3

Today at Comic-Con, I got to kick back and enjoy a few panels–which was lovely considering I’ve had about four hours of sleep since I got here. I had fun hearing about writing Invincible Iron Man and Avengers, saw some of the most ridiculous comics ever, learned about creating effects for Avatar and found out Gerard Way’s favorite fictional bounty hunter. Continue reading

Gerard Way at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con

Comic Con Panel: Dark Horse (with Gerard Way)

Gerard Way at the 2010 San Diego Comic ConIf you’ve read this site for any lengthy period of time, you know that I like My Chemical Romance. Their shows are amazing, their music is original and powerful, and their sincerity when interacting with fans is refreshing to see. Since I am of the “support your dudes” philosophy, I rushed to check out lead singer Gerard Way’s comic, The Umbrella Academy. Continue reading

Rock of Love Bus: The bottomless pit of Celebreality

Bret Michaels is looking for love on the road in Rock of Love BusWhenever I think reality tv has hit rock bottom, something new comes on that takes it to an all new low.

The latest contender is Rock of Love Bus on VH1. The show follows Bret Michaels (who used to be known for being the lead singer of Poison but is now a puffy, middle aged reality star) and the gaggle of skanks vying for his affection, or at least a little tv time. Instead of the usual tacky mansion, this time the whole gang will be living out of buses as they follow Michaels around the country during his tour. Continue reading

Gerard Way reviews ‘The Pick Up Artist 2′

Normally, it’s a bad idea when celebrities blog. They typically have nothing to say, can’t seem to figure out the shift key, and use sentences that run on like a marathon athlete. There are, however, a few exceptions and this is certainly one of them.

Trashwire has always had much love for My Chemical Romance, but after reading this review of VH1’s The Pick Up Artist 2 by lead singer Gerard Way, you’ll understand why I’ve become thoroughly addicted to the revamped My Chemical Romance blog (RSS) and the band’s twitter posts. Continue reading