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Aubrey Plaza Karan Soni and Jake Johnson in Safety Not Guaranteed 0

‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ steers clear of indie cliches

Most indie movies involve quirky, slightly off center, lovable weirdos who are outcasts from society, down on their luck, or just generally awkward. Safety Not Guaranteed is no different. Its lovable weirdo is a...

Independent horror film 15: An Exploration of Human Violence 0

Indie horror flick ’15’ keeps viewers on edge

Do you ever wonder what attracts people to violence or what it is exactly that we, as humans, are so fascinated by when it comes to murder? Do you want to know what makes...

Aussie indie ‘The Square’ nails neo-noir 0

Aussie indie ‘The Square’ nails neo-noir

A good neo-noir film is dark, both visually and thematically. It will typically involve murder, suspicion, and betrayal and will contain lots of tense moments when you can see the characters getting in over...

Before and After - Bigger, Stronger, Faster 6

Bigger, Stronger, Faster: a documentary on steroids

You could say Chris Bell’s Bigger, Stronger, Faster is like a documentary on steroids. Not only is it full of information, but performance enhancements are the subject matter. The doc follows Bell and his two brothers Mike and Mark, who always looked up to guys like Hulk Hogan or Arnold Schwarzenegger and now strive to become the biggest, strongest, fastest guys in the world.

Manda Bala dazzles at DocNight 3

Manda Bala dazzles at DocNight

Last night marked my first trip down to the Starz FilmCenter for DocNight, a monthly documentary series presented by the Denver Film Society. This month’s film was Manda Bala, a truly outstanding documentary that weaves together several story lines to paint a gritty and rich portrait of corruption in Brazil. The film, directed by Jason Kohn (who also appeared in-person for Q&A at last night’s event) was the product of over five years of hard work and emphasized the concept of the documentary as a form of cinematic storytelling.