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Apple and NBC don’t understand the meaning of revolutionary

The iPad is as revolutionary as Jay Leno in primetimeSince when has the term revolutionary become a cliche? In 2009, NBC tried to sell us the fact that Jay Leno was going to revolutionize prime time television. By the beginning of 2010, everyone knew the only thing Leno revolutionized was how to stab your successor in the back, something Entertainment Weekly dubbed the “biggest disaster in television history” . Wednesday, Apple’s Steve Jobs announced what many have called “a revolutionary product”. After much hype and anticipation the iPad was finally unveiled. Count me as a skeptic. Continue reading

Jerry Seinfeld on the first episode of The Jay Leno Show

The revolution may be televised but Jay Leno won’t be the host

For the past two weeks you couldn’t turn on your television without seeing a promo for a television show that was suppose to change everything. The show had a familiar host, a new time slot and supposedly a new format. It was a format that was suppose to save an NBC lineup that was ready to go up in front of the government death panel (those aren’t real? Who’s going to put NBC’s lineup out of it’s misery or at least put their viewers out of their’s?) Continue reading