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’30 Minutes or Less’ loaded with comedy heavyweights

’30 Minutes or Less’ loaded with comedy heavyweights

If you’ve read Trashwire for any length of time, you know I love the cast of 30 Minutes or Less. We’ve had articles about Jesse Eisenberg’s star-making turn in The Social Network, several about Danny McBride adding flavor to any movie and even an interview with Nick Swardson. As hardcore fans of these guys, I saw the movie from a different perspective than most critics. … Read entire article »

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One Night Standup with Nick Swardson

Trashwire is growing by leaps and bounds in 2007 and we’re happy to welcome our newest writer, Wil Chinchilla. Wil recently sat down with one of the hottest comedians around, Nick Swardson, to talk about standup, gay robots, and everyone’s favorite roller skating male prostitute. If you want to be cool like Wil and submit stories to Trashwire, click here to go to the submissions page. Nick Swardson has been doing standup since the age of 19. Since then Swardson has had two half-hour specials on Comedy Central, been a spokesperson for a soft drink, written/co-written three major motion picture scripts, and is currently on a “big standup tour” throughout all improv comedy clubs. On February 17, the very straight (not gay despite certain characters) Swardson performed for a full crowd … Read entire article »

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