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Scraping the bottom of the barrel with ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here!’

Besides the change in temperature, crappy television also signals the beginning of the summer season where writers save their wit for the fall and actually “go to there” – there being vacation. While the smart people play the suits stray away and we end up with the American revival of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here! … Read entire article »

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Young dudes compete for The Cougar

TV Land’s new series The Cougar is more along the lines of “classy” reality dating shows like The Bachelor or, most recently, Mama’s Boys instead of deliciously trashy VH1 Rock of Love-style trainwrecks. The show, hosted by Vivica Fox, follows Stacey Anderson, a self-proclaimed “cougar” who is looking to find love with a younger man. … Read entire article »

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Model Madness

It seems like modeling shows are everywhere these days. VH1 has The Agency, Oxygen has The Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency, and America’s Next Top Model has mutated into both another Tyra-centric season and a Australian spin-off, airing on VH1. So which of these shows are actually worth watching for the trashy reality fan? VH1 seems to be the new home for model shows, airing The Agency, the Australian version of Top Model and marathon block reruns of the original Top Model. Sadly, every day can’t be Christmas and not all of these shows are worth checking out. The Agency failed to impress me because I completely lost interest in everyone involved after a few minutes. There’s the bitchy lady with an accent, the guy who yells at people, and tons of … Read entire article »

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LaToya’s got a gun!

LaToya’s got a gun!

Ok, you know how I said The Surreal Life Fame Games was the greatest celebreality show on TV? Well that was before I saw the premiere episode of Armed and Famous on CBS. The race for the most outrageous celebrity reality challenge is heating up with this new contender. In the first episode, the cast arrived in Muncie, Indiana to being their training in hopes of becoming official police officers. First to appear was Erik Estrada, … Read entire article »

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