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Maya Rudolph And Jennifer Westfeldt in FRIENDS WITH KIDS 0

Played-out plot sinks ‘Friends With Kids’

When a movie touts the fact that it features “the cast of Bridesmaids”, it’s fair to assume it will be funny. Unfortunately Friends With Kids has a played-out and predictable storyline that keeps it...

Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis star in Hall Pass 0

Comedic talent underutilized in Hall Pass

Every romantic comedy walks the line between sappy and raunchy, trying to carefully balance the “guy humor” with the relationship stuff. It’s easy to stray a little too far into the romance and lose...

Going the Distance goes for the R-rating 1

Going the Distance goes for the R-rating

Drew Barrymore has done many rom-coms over the years, some good, some not so good. She’s always the girl who falls for a great guy, then loses him, then gets him back in the...