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‘The Jungle Book’ a respectful reboot with modern-day flare

For me, when it comes to Disney classics, there are old-school movies like Snow White or Pinocchio, and there are ’90s hits like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. Originally released in 1967, The Jungle Book falls into a sort of gray area between the two, so it seemed to most ripe for revival in the form of a CG-filled reboot. Thankfully, Jon Favreau’s take on The Jungle Book keeps all the spirit of a great Disney movie while letting the technology shine with superb CG.

Robert Downey Jr. shines Iron Man 2 0

Robert Downey Jr. shines Iron Man 2

There’s no question that Iron Man 2 will be a huge hit, in fact, many have predicted that it will have the biggest opening weekend of all time. If the first film is any...