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The Social Network

The Social Network breaks from tradition of nerds in cinema

From Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles to McLovin, Hollywood loves nerds. Typically, nerds in movies are portrayed as people who have been wrongly rejected by their school society, but are really great human beings underneath their acne, glasses and knowledge of all things Star Trek. The Social Network is different in that billionaire nerd and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg (played to perfection by Jesse Eisenberg) seems to be a social outcast for a very good reason: he’s a jerk. Continue reading

Jesse Eisenberg stars as Facebook co-creator Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network

The Social Network could be career defining for Jesse Eisenberg

By the time I had joined Facebook it was already passed the stage were it was only available to college students. Now it’s even more readily available to folks than it was when I got on board. It feels as though literally everyone has a Facebook profile. It’s much more than a social networking website. It’s a cultural phenomenon. Facebook is a bonafide business and one worth billions. Continue reading

Trashwire live tweets from San Diego Comic Con

Follow our live tweets from Comic Con

Follow @trashwire on Twitter because Alexis will be tweeting live from San Diego Comic Con! Make sure to swing back by Trashwire regularly for blog posts, pics, videos, interviews and lots of other Comic Con stuff that just won’t fit into 140 characters. Continue reading


Apple and NBC don’t understand the meaning of revolutionary

The iPad is as revolutionary as Jay Leno in primetimeSince when has the term revolutionary become a cliche? In 2009, NBC tried to sell us the fact that Jay Leno was going to revolutionize prime time television. By the beginning of 2010, everyone knew the only thing Leno revolutionized was how to stab your successor in the back, something Entertainment Weekly dubbed the “biggest disaster in television history” . Wednesday, Apple’s Steve Jobs announced what many have called “a revolutionary product”. After much hype and anticipation the iPad was finally unveiled. Count me as a skeptic. Continue reading

Fame is the new American Dream

9News.com covers the Balloon Boy scandalWhat exactly is the “American Dream”? According to Wikipedia, the concept was first expressed by James Truslow Adams in 1931, saying citizens of every rank feel that they can achieve a “better, richer, and happier life.” It was that kind of optimistic freedom that encouraged so many of our ancestors to immigrate to the United States. Of course, now the “American Dream” doesn’t seem to just include improving your life, but also getting famous. Instead of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, America has now become the land of unemployment, ridiculously expensive healthcare and the pursuit of a reality TV deal. Continue reading

Touching tribute to the King of Pop upstaged by Kanye’s award show terrorism

Janet Jackson at the 2009 VMAsOh the VMAs! Where do I start? With the passing of Michael Jackson, I was worried that the days of precision choreography, visual feasts for the eyes and pop songs you didn’t mind hearing a zillion times on Top 40 radio were a thing of the past. Thankfully MTV seemed to subscribe to the “go big or go home” philosophy with last night’s Video Music Awards. Continue reading

facebook is better than myspace

Facebook and Twitter on the rise as MySpace goes extinct

facebook is better than myspaceWhile browsing updates on Twitter today, I came across a link for this article about Myspace losing it’s grip as the dominant social media outlet. One particluar statement that caught my eye was, “MySpace suffered a drop in visitor traffic last month and is now less than half the size of its younger rival, Facebook.”
Continue reading