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Top 10 South Park episodes featuring Leopold Butters Stotch 0

The best of Butters: South Park’s top 10 Butters episodes

Season 19 of South Park kicked off on Comedy Central this week, and I wanted to do something to celebrate my favorite show of all time, so I decided to create a top ten list. It would probably be difficult for me to narrow down my top 50 favorite episodes, so I decided to focus on one of my favorite non-main characters: Leopold “Butters” Stotch. From tap dancing to becoming a super villain, Butters has gone from just a kid in the background to one of South Park’s most loved characters. Here are my ten favorite episodes featuring Butters.

Same jokes different character on The Cleveland Show 4

Same jokes different character on The Cleveland Show

The story of Family Guy is a miraculous one: Seth MacFarlane creates a TV show that gets cancelled by FOX, only to be resurrected by fans after finding new life on DVD. But the...

“Everyone knows it’s Butters!” 6

“Everyone knows it’s Butters!”

Eric Stough is ButtersEric Stough is not Trey Parker’s little brother, though many people believe he is because he looks and behaves like the sweeter, younger version of the South Park co-creator. In fact, Stough, the inspiration for the Butters character, has been close friends with Parker since middle school and is, in many ways, the fifth Beatle of South Park.