The Whitest Kids U’Know come to Denver

wkukI have been a fan of the Whitest Kids U’Know since back in the day when the series was on Fuse. Trashwire even featured a piece about the evolution of tv sketch comedy focusing on WKUK as well as other sketch shows like Human Giant and the short-lived Acceptable TV. Last Monday, I capped off an outrageously fun weekend by heading to the Oriental Theatre in Denver where all five members of the Whitest Kids U’Know were performing live.

The evening kicked off with Timmy Williams, Zach Cregger, Darren Trumeter, Sam Brown and Trevor Moore performing fan-favorite sketches from the series such as the hilarious “Motorcycle Mama” or my personal favorite, “What Really Happened to Abe Lincoln” among others. They also busted out some new sketches and even screened a few clips from the newest season of their series, which moved from Fuse to IFC after its first season.

All the sketches were a huge hit for the enthusiastic audience, who gleefully anticipated some of the classics just buy looking at where the guys stood on the stage. When Moore, Brown and Cregger emerged from one corner of the stage pantomiming carrying rifles, someone behind me gasped, “Oh! Sexy Fawn!” instantly recognizing the staging for that popular sketch. The same audible excitement occurred when all five took the stage in positions for their “Dating Show” sketch, one of the filthiest and most hilarious in the WKUK arsenal.

The Whitest Kids U'Know perform live in DenverOne of the most interesting factors about watching the Whitest Kids live is the absence of props, wigs, set design and other production elements from their stage show. Because I never had the chance to see them live in New York, where the group began and where they frequently perform, my only real point of reference was the sketches from the tv series and grainy YouTube clips of the guys performing at comedy clubs like Caroline’s. It was really interesting to watch a sketch like “Sexy Fawn”, which contains costumes, an outdoor location and props, performed without any of those elements. In many ways, it added an extra level to the comedy because watching Trumeter prance around in jeans instead of a full fawn suit made things even more bizarre.

After the show, the guys headed into the theater to chat with the audience, which was where I managed to score pictures with each member of the team. The young crowd circled around them waiting for pictures, autographs, or just a chance to say hello. One fan even brought a replica of the “gallon of PCP” from that hilarious sketch.

I was exceptionally impressed with how friendly and personable all of them were. I chatted with Moore and Williams about my previous Trashwire coverage and both remembered the article. We also talked about the tour, which supports the release of Moore and Cregger’s new film Miss March, and they confessed that Denver crowds are some of their favorites because they seem to get every joke. Moore explained that one of his favorite bits is “Epilepsy Test”, a video mostly consisting of a long sequence of “gathering your results” which seldom connects with the audience, however Denver fans applauded and laughed loudly during the entire sequence.

With their enthusiasm for Denver, we can certainly hope that the Whitest Kids U’Know will return to the Mile High City in the near future.

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    […] The Whitest Kids U’Know come to Denver […]

  2. February 23, 2009

    […] The Whitest Kids U’Know come to Denver […]

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