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Why Trashwire loved Anna Nicole Smith 2

Why Trashwire loved Anna Nicole Smith

Yesterday, the world of bad movies lost a major player when buxom blonde b-movie bombshell Anna Nicole Smith passed away in her hotel room in Florida. She will be remembered by Trashwire, not only for her performance in bad movie classics like the infamous Skyscraper, but also for her classic trashy reality show The Anna Nicole Show. Her body of work brought us fantastic bad movie quotes like everyone’s favorite line from Skyscraper, “Well excuse me for still believing in Sunday walks in the park and little babies.” Her reality show also introduced us to other pop culture d-list figures like her designer Bobby Trendy or her homely assistant Kimmy. The show even spawned parodies on shows like SNL, which summarized the first episode in an animated “TV Funhouse” clip showing Anna Nicole as Smurfette. Not since Jessica Simpson asked the infamous “Is this chicken or it is fish?” has a blonde from Texas made such a career off being an airhead.