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Drive Angry showcases Cage at his best

Nicolas Cage is one of those actors that doesn’t nearly get the respect he deserves. He’s an actor people like to pick on or make jokes about, but those are usually people that only know one side of Nicolas Cage. They only know Cage as the guy from National Treasure, The Rock, Con Air, or Ghost Rider. Few experience the other side of Cage with movies like The Weather Man, Vampire’s Kiss, Adaptation, Red Rock West, or The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans, and that’s quite unfortunate. Continue reading

Robert Rodriguez's Machete

Machete, a superhero for the immigration age

The release of Machete could not have been more perfectly timed. With the immigration debate reigning as media’s hot button de jour, a film that makes a bold political statement with stellar filmmaking and performances is sure to stir up some controversy. Continue reading