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Pig at Phoenix Film Festival

Phoenix Film Festival wrap-up: The good, the bad, the surprising

The Phoenix Film Festival has become my favorite way to spend three or four days away from home. That even beats out Disneyland, which I went to for the first time this year. This year’s Phoenix Film Festival did it again with a ton of great movies, parties and seminars. There wasn’t enough time for me to take it all in so I dedicated most of my time to watching movies and eating Harkins concessions. This year I saw 16 feature films and a few shorts.  I’m going to rank them from my most favorite to my least favorite; I’ll give you a short synopsis of the film and then tell you what I did or didn’t like about the film. Continue reading

Andrew Bird: Fever Year

‘Andrew Bird: Fever Year’ a fest favorite

Andrew Bird is described as an American musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has a bachelor’s degree in violin performance and has made tons of music in the genres of folk, jazz, swing and blues. He’s been on albums with multiple bands but failed to get viable commercial success. He was later asked to open for a band in his hometown, but his band mates were unable to make it to the opening. So he did what any levelheaded person might do and played the gig solo. It went extremely well for the young musician! Because of the success of his solo show Bird went on to gain success by wrapping himself in his music with a solo career. Continue reading

Phoenix Film Fest 2012

International Horror & Sci-Fi joins Phoenix Film Festival

It’s back for 2012! The Phoenix Film Festival is back and it’s promising to be better than years past! Not only do you get the Phoenix Film Festival, but you also get the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival. Housed at the always spiffy Harkins Scottsdale 101, you can see a full week of films starting with the opening gala on Thursday, March 29th and finishing up on Thursday, April 5th. Continue reading

The Big Something

Arizona indie ‘The Big Something’ a big hit

Lewis is a down on his luck, vinyl aficionado. He’s broke, lives out of the record store he works in, and now he’s the prime suspect in the murder of his boss and friend, Marcus. Poor guy can’t catch a break. Luckily, the prime suspect label doesn’t last long.

One morning Lewis comes home to the record store to find his boss dead with a bullet shot to the head. Two of Arizona’s dumbest cops quickly apprehend Lewis and hand him off to the most casually dressed detective you’ll ever see. After a brief chat about Travis Tritt, the detective declares Lewis innocent and the death of the record store owner to be an obvious suicide. Case closed. Lewis knows better though.  Continue reading

The Big Something

The Big Something utilizes unique AZ locations

Travis Mills is a young, up-and-coming director and writer from Phoenix, Arizona. He’s the cofounder of both Running Wild Films and GUERRILLASTAR PRODUCTIONS, both based out of the Phoenix area, although GUERRILASTAR has roots in New York as well.

I first came across the work of Mills at the 2010 Arizona Underground Film Festival, which contained two projects Mills had worked on: Bloody Basin in which he was producer and script supervisor, and The Ruffians, his debut into both the worlds of directing and writing. Continue reading

11th Annual Phoenix Film Festival

Phoenix Film Festival returns to the desert

The Phoenix Film Festival returns to the desert for the 11th straight year from March 31-April 7, 2011 at the Harkins Scottsdale 101 Theatre.

The Phoenix Film Festival has rapidly been growing over the past decade, quickly becoming a favorite of many filmmakers. In past years the festival has showcased films from all over the world from Do It For Uncle Manny in 2002 to (500) Days of Summer in 2009 to Cyrus and Middle Men headlining last year. Continue reading

Basketball Diaries from Planet Orange

Alexis Gentry's "Basketball Diaries" part II - from PLanet Orange with the SunsOccasionally, it dawns on me that a lot of people I know aren’t on Twitter and haven’t seen my frequent (and some might say incessant) updates from the last week. As a result, I’m writing this blog as a continuation of my first “Basketball Diaries” post–which has nothing to do with Jim Carroll, Leonardo DiCaprio, or heroin–to detail the action, intrigue and adventure during my most recent trip out to the desert to spend some time with the Phoenix Suns. Continue reading