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One of the contestants subjects to water torture on Cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model... you, know, cuz this has so much to do with modeling.

Top Model’s torture twist

One of the contestants is subjected to water torture on Cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model... you, know, cuz this has so much to do with modeling.

Cycle 16 of America’s Next Top Model premiered this week and it is not fierce anymore, it’s just mean. This year Tyra the Torturer has thought of all sorts of new Mean Girls things to do to these already fragile girls. In the opening segment, Banks basically reveals she is just as tired of this show as we are. She even acknowledges the formulaic casting that happens every season: the edgy chick, the awkward waif, the country bumpkin, the welfare mom, the bitch, the prude, the smart one… you know, the usual. Continue reading

An Idiot Abroad - photo credit Science Channel

An Idiot Abroad finally comes to the U.S.

Before Ricky Gervais was pissing people off at the Golden Globes or writing the original version of The Office with friend and writing partner Stephen Merchant, he was marveling at the brain of Karl Pilkington, a radio producer assigned to the duo for their program. In fact, anyone who has listened to the widely popular Ricky Gervais Show podcasts or watched The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO is familiar with the musings of this “little, round-headed, bald, missing link, chimp-like buffoon”, as Gervais has so sweetly labeled him. Continue reading

Syfy's Hollywood Treasure

Hollywood Treasure brings back fond memories

The new reality series Hollywood Treasure will premiere Wednesday on Syfy, hoping to snag the audience from shows like American Pickers and Antiques Roadshow, but with an added bonus: this show will pull in those of us who love TV and film memorabilia as well. Continue reading

Scraping the bottom of the barrel with ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here!’

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!Besides the change in temperature, crappy television also signals the beginning of the summer season where writers save their wit for the fall and actually “go to there” – there being vacation. While the smart people play the suits stray away and we end up with the American revival of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here! Continue reading

Young dudes compete for The Cougar

cougar_staceyTV Land’s new series The Cougar is more along the lines of “classy” reality dating shows like The Bachelor or, most recently, Mama’s Boys instead of deliciously trashy VH1 Rock of Love-style trainwrecks. The show, hosted by Vivica Fox, follows Stacey Anderson, a self-proclaimed “cougar” who is looking to find love with a younger man. Continue reading

Rock of Love Bus: The bottomless pit of Celebreality

Bret Michaels is looking for love on the road in Rock of Love BusWhenever I think reality tv has hit rock bottom, something new comes on that takes it to an all new low.

The latest contender is Rock of Love Bus on VH1. The show follows Bret Michaels (who used to be known for being the lead singer of Poison but is now a puffy, middle aged reality star) and the gaggle of skanks vying for his affection, or at least a little tv time. Instead of the usual tacky mansion, this time the whole gang will be living out of buses as they follow Michaels around the country during his tour. Continue reading