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Star Trek Zombies at Comic Con 2012

Trashwire returns to Comic Con for the third year

We’re back! Trashwire has made the annual pilgrimage to San Diego for Comic Con and we’re taking pictures, recording video, and posting all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. We’ve got costumed superheroes, a gallery of all the Batmobiles in cinematic history, a couple glimpses of the Twilight gang, the hottest werewolf in the biz and a certain rock star comic book geek. This post will be regularly updated with new photos, so check out our latest photo galleries here and be sure to follow Editor @AlexisGentry and, of course, @trashwie.com on twitter, like us on Facebook and follow us on Tumblr for more. Continue reading


Rob Salkowitz takes us to geek mecca with ‘Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture’

No matter if you have attended San Diego Comic-Con or not, the impact of this mega convention has probably affected your life. Author Rob Salkowitz explains how so much of mainstream entertainment has seen the light of day thanks to the fans in attendance at the San Diego Comic-Con. Continue reading

Tom Morello reveals his new comic, Orchid

Comic Con Preview Night 2011

Here it is, gang! Technically, the fun doesn’t start until today, but we got pics from last night’s Preview Night for you here. Lego was out in full force with Lego Batman, Boba Fett, Bumblebee and more. There weren’t many people in costume yet, but there were two girls dresses as slave girl Leia. The big news of the night was Dark Horse’s “big reveal”. After announcing that Guillermo del Toro would not be appearing, Mike Richardson brought out Tom Morello to announce his new comic, Orchid. It was a quickie announcement, but fans are sure to hear more about Orchid throughout the con.

Check out the pics and be sure to follow Trashwire on Twitter for live tweets from SDCC.

Gerard Way at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con

Comic Con Panel: Dark Horse (with Gerard Way)

Gerard Way at the 2010 San Diego Comic ConIf you’ve read this site for any lengthy period of time, you know that I like My Chemical Romance. Their shows are amazing, their music is original and powerful, and their sincerity when interacting with fans is refreshing to see. Since I am of the “support your dudes” philosophy, I rushed to check out lead singer Gerard Way’s comic, The Umbrella Academy. Continue reading

Trashwire live tweets from San Diego Comic Con

Follow our live tweets from Comic Con

Follow @trashwire on Twitter because Alexis will be tweeting live from San Diego Comic Con! Make sure to swing back by Trashwire regularly for blog posts, pics, videos, interviews and lots of other Comic Con stuff that just won’t fit into 140 characters. Continue reading