Pics from Comic Con – Day 1

My feet are aching, my hair looks like Chaka Kahn from all the humidity and body heat, and I just saw a guy in a bathrobe running down a hallway yelling, “I’m with Superman!” Must be Thursday at Comic Con in San Diego.

The Convention Center is daunting–it feels like it’s the size of the entire Denver airport. The various booths are colorful, but they’re really a backdrop for cool geeks of all kinds to let their geek flags fly and show up in full costume. I actually enjoyed a lot of the fans in costumes more than some official events and I was surprised at how overwhelmingly friendly everyone has been. Far from the pompous atmosphere of a Hollywood event, the Comic Con fans are happy just being themselves–even if they are wearing a Darth Vader mask.

I managed to take some pics of a few of my favorite costumed crusaders on my very first trip to Comic Con. For everyone who posed for a pic, I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU!

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2 thoughts on “Pics from Comic Con – Day 1”

  1. The third picture–the guy in the lime green spandex suit–is my fave of the entire series. He wore that outfit all day, without shame, and into the evening. When I was walking back to my hotel, I saw him walking down the street with some friends still wearing it.

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