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Machete stars Danny TrejoBack in 2007 when Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino teamed up to release their films Planet Terror and Death Proof together as one package titled Grindhouse, they kept audience members entertained in between the two features with fake trailers directed by the likes of Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, Edgar Wright and Rodriguez himself. One particular trailer struck a chord with Grindhouse fans. Machete was that trailer.

Machete is an ex-Mexican Federale whose wife was brutally murdered by a drug lord that he refused to work for. Machete moves to Texas where he looks to get work until he’s hired by a local businessman, Michael Benz to kill corrupt senator McLaughlin. Machete attends a rally to assassinate McLaughlin but is double-crossed by Benz. This leads Machete on a rampage of blood and destruction and ultimately a showdown with Torrez, the very same drug kingpin that murdered his wife.

What Chris Coffel had to say….

When describing how I feel about Machete multiple words and phrases come to mind: amazing, great, bloody fantastic, over-the-top insanity, terrific, intense. None of these words or phrases even come close to doing the movie justice though. In fact, I don’t believe there’s a word in the English language that can truly describe how perfect this film is.

Danny Trejo excels in the ultimate role written for him as the lead, Machete. No one man is as scary and intimidating, but also kind and good-hearted as Trejo is here. From the opening scene of decapitations and blood shed to the climatic “race war,” Trejo gives his best performance to date.

Along the way we’re treated to boatload of standout characters and severed limbs. Robert DeNiro brings it as always as the shady senator. Michelle Rodriguez shows us what great shape she’s in while Lindsay Lohan is a good sport and willing to make fun of herself. We’re “introduced” to Don Johnson and Cheech Marin proves that even priests in Texas are handy with fire arms.

This film is a must-see as Rodriguez really steps up his game, which is quite the compliment given his previous body of work. Machete is gore filmed but done in a very fun way that would make Lloyd Kaufman extremely proud. To top it off, the plot is very socially relevant given the current immigration situation, especially for those of us living in Arizona and dealing with our terrible, unelected governor.

Machete is great because it can work on multiple levels. The film is shot in a way that makes it a very entertaining splatter fest but also has a very strong message. Sure, the message is a little extreme and over-the-top in Machete, but maybe that’s the best way to shed some light of the going ons in Arizona.

Bottom line, see Machete. Regardless of your stance on political issues such as SB1070, Machete is a great flick that will leaving you needing a towel after it’s conclusion.

What Brett Walker had to say…

I originally sat down to watch Machete thinking that Danny Trejo (Machete) was going to give a nice lecture on how the oversized knife is used as a gardening tool.   However, I was very surprised to find that Trejo’s character adapted the nick name “Machete” because it was his choice of slaughtering device!

Machete is starting a new life in America trying to live free from the corruption he was surrounded by in a cartel-controlled Mexico, when he is given an offer he can’t refuse.

Robert Rodriguez delivers an instant classic with this piece, and every movie fan’s idea of a perfect movie is appeased in this Mexploitation film.

While the film was written very well with a story that had me reeled in waiting for each turn of events, I was also engaged by the vivid sense of action, blood, and gore!

Above that, this fun, over-the-top movie, comes with a message to boot! It takes current events and pokes fun at them in a way only Rodriguez can do it, and sends you on your way with a question to ask yourself.

I plan on seeing Machete multiple times while it’s in theaters, and I think you should to.   Everyone’s a winner!

Chris Coffel

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